Submit Your Complaint - Customer Care

We Value Your Feedback

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve experienced an issue with our services. At Link Mailing Systems, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and are committed to resolving any concerns you may have.

Our Commitment to Quality Service

We make tens of thousands of calls each month and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. With a current complaint rate of less than 0.0003%, predominantly from non-customers, we continuously strive to maintain and improve our standards.

Complaint Submission Form

If you have a complaint or have been directed here from another site, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. This will help us investigate and address your concerns effectively.

Please Include:

  • Specific details about the issue (including dates and times, if relevant).
  • Frequency of the issue (e.g., if related to calls, how often you are being called).
  • Any relevant document references (such as invoice numbers).

Note: We record all our calls for training purposes and to protect our customers and staff. This enables us to thoroughly investigate your complaint and work towards a satisfactory resolution.

We use feedback to improve our services and we think this is reflected in our customer reviews.

“..Every experience has been 100% satisfaction and customer service absolutely brilliant - well done to Emma and also a big thank you to Dawn who went above and beyond for me. Keep up the good work everyone and thank you!..”