Embracing the New Era of Franking: Mailmark Technology and Our Supplies

A comparison of the old frank and a new mailmark frank

The Shift to Mailmark Technology

The world of franking has undergone a significant change in 2023, with Royal Mail mandating the use of Mailmark-ready franking machines. As of 1 January 2023, non-Mailmark machines have been decertified, marking a move towards more efficient mail processing. This advancement in franking technology, which can be read about in greater detail here, emphasizes the importance of staying updated with the latest mailing solutions.


Upgrading to Mailmark Machines

For businesses still using older models, upgrading to a Mailmark-ready machine is now essential. This shift not only involves the machine itself but also a change in the franking license. If you’re looking to upgrade, consider starting here to find the best deals on Mailmark-compatible machines, with rentals starting from around £20 per month.


Our Role: Supplying Essential Franking Accessories

As you transition to Mailmark technology, our range of franking ink cartridges and labels play a crucial role. The new Mailmark machines require specific ink types, available in black or blue, and our selection caters precisely to these requirements. We provide high-quality ink cartridges compatible with Mailmark machines, ensuring your mailing operations run smoothly and comply with Royal Mail standards.


Moreover, the change to Mailmark machines also involves printing longer barcodes on Special Delivery and Signed For mail. This update may affect how you use franking labels, but don’t worry – our range of franking labels are designed to accommodate these changes, ensuring your mail retains a professional appearance while meeting the new requirements. You can explore our range of products here to find the best fit for your Mailmark machine.



The transition to Mailmark technology is a significant step forward in the world of franking. While it requires some adjustments, it brings about enhanced efficiency and accuracy in mail processing. Our range of franking ink cartridges and labels are here to support you through this change, ensuring that your mailroom operations continue to function seamlessly. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your business is fully equipped for this new era of franking.

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