How to Install a DM100i-DM225 Ink Cartridge: A Simple Guide

DM100i installation guide

Have you noticed the print quality of your mail metering system fading? It might just be time for a fresh ink cartridge. Not to worry, though! Changing the ink cartridge in your DM100i-DM225 is as easy as pie, and I’m here to guide you through each step with a friendly hand. Let’s breathe new life into your prints together!

Step 1: Setting the Stage

First up, if your system is sporting a scale, you’ll need to remove it. Imagine it’s like taking off a little cap—simply lift it straight up and set it aside gently. This step ensures we have clear access to the heart of the machine.

Step 2: Open Sesame

Now, let’s open the top cover of your machine. You’ll find it’s as easy as opening a book to your favorite chapter. This reveals the inner workings of the machine and gets us one step closer to our goal.

Step 3: Command Central

With the cover open, navigate to the menu and select “Replace Ink Tank.” This command is like telling your machine, “Hey, it’s time for a little makeover!”

Step 4: Access Granted

Next, we’re going to get into the nitty-gritty. Slide the green lever to the right and flip open the ink tank cartridge guard. Think of it as opening a treasure chest — inside lies the key to improved print quality.

Step 5: Out with the Old

Gently lift and remove the old ink cartridge from the machine. It’s served you well, but it’s time for it to retire. Farewell, old friend!

Step 6: Prep the New

Now, grab your new Link Mailing Systems ink cartridge and remove the tape from the bottom. This tape is like the seal on a new jar of jam — removing it means you’re ready to enjoy the goodness inside.

Step 7: In with the New

Lower the new ink cartridge into the cavity. Make sure the label on the top of the cartridge is facing the front of your system, and the ridges on either side slide into the grooves like a key into a lock. It’s all about finding the perfect fit.

Step 8: Secure the Fort

Close the ink cartridge guard latch and listen for that satisfying “click” to know it’s secure. A gentle reminder: treat the green lever with care, as excessive force may break the green tip.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

Close the cover of your machine. It will automatically recognize the new ink cartridge and return to the Home screen after a brief moment. It’s like your system is saying, “Thanks, I needed that!”

Step 10: Put Everything Back

If you removed the scale at the beginning, now’s the time to reseat it. Place it back on top as gently as you took it off. It’s the final step in getting your system back to its full functionality.

And there you have it! With these simple steps, you’ve successfully given your DM100i-DM225 a new lease on life with a fresh ink cartridge. Your prints should now come out clearer and more vibrant, ready to handle all your mailing needs. Remember, a happy printer means happy printing, so don’t hesitate to give your machine a little TLC when needed. Happy printing!

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