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All products supplied by Link Mailing Systems are guaranteed 100% compatible and all franking ink cartridges are Royal Mail approved.

YOU CAN SAVE anywhere from £85 to £425 on your ink cartridges and from £38 to £100 on your labels with our SPECIAL OFFER

[depending on the model of your machine]

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Please find below a few of the reasons why to order with Link Mailing!

  1. The franking ink cartridges and franking labels that we offer are guaranteed for 24 months, 100% compatible and Royal Mail approved.

  2. You can expect the same quality and number of impressions per cartridge as the originals.

  3. You are also fully covered should anything happen to your machine in the unlikely event whilst using our products.

  4. Please also take a look at our customer review page, this should help to give you that extra peace of mind before you give us a try…

“Very quick and efficient, I didn't know the actual product I needed, as I have been put in charge of stationery, but after speaking to the advisor on the phone, she managed to make sense of what I was saying and was really helpful, so absolutely great service..”

Zuber Chaudhry