Oops! Wrong Date on Your Franked Mail? Here’s How to Fix It

Wrong date on franked parcel

We’ve all been there — in a hurry to get our mail out, we hastily set the franking machine, only to realize afterward that we’ve stamped the wrong date on our letters or packages. While it might seem like a big deal, especially when dealing with important business correspondence or time-sensitive documents, there’s no need to fret. Correcting this mistake is easier than you might think, and doing so ensures that your mail doesn’t miss its mark or get returned.

The Simple Fix for the Common Mistake

Step 1: Address the Error with Ink

The first and most straightforward step is to take a black pen or marker and neatly draw a line through the incorrect date. This action indicates that the date was a mistake without the need for any complicated processes or explanations.

Step 2: Reset and Re-Frank

Next, you’ll want to adjust your franking machine. Set the date correctly this time, and importantly, adjust the postage tariff to £0.00. This ensures that you’re not paying double for the postage. Now, re-frank the envelope on the reverse side with the correct date. This step is crucial as it officially marks your mail with the correct sending date, ensuring it’s processed by postal services accordingly.

Alternative Approach: Use a Franked Label

If you prefer a neater look or if re-franking directly on the envelope isn’t an option (perhaps because the envelope is too full or the mistake is too glaring), there’s an alternative solution. Frank a label with the correct date and the £0.00 postage, then place this label over the incorrect date on your original envelope. This method is not only tidy but also effective at ensuring the correct date is visible without obscuring any vital postage information you’ve already paid for.

Why It’s Important to Correct the Date

  • Accuracy: Ensuring the date is correct helps maintain the integrity of your mail, especially for business correspondence, legal documents, or any mail where the date of sending is significant.
  • Avoid Delays: Incorrect dates can confuse postal services and potentially delay your mail. Correcting the date helps your mail to be processed and delivered timely.
  • Professionalism: For businesses, presenting a professional image is essential. Correcting such mistakes before they leave your office reflects well on your attention to detail and commitment to accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Mistakes with franking machines, like setting the wrong date, are common but easily rectifiable. With a quick adjustment and either re-franking or using a corrected label, your mail is ready to go out without any issues. Remember, it’s always better to take a moment to double-check the date before sending off your mail. But even if a mistake slips through, now you know exactly how to handle it swiftly and efficiently.


So next time you find yourself in this predicament, just remember: a quick fix is at your fingertips, ensuring your mail gets on its way without further ado. Happy franking!

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