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Review 1



January 2023  “..The first time that our office had placed an order and there were no problems with the ordering process it was very quick and very efficient..”  Kathy Dean  5-stars


January 2023  “..We are very happy with the service we receive especially those who we deal with on a regular basis. When they check in with us there is no pressure to buy. When mistakes have been made by either party responsibility is taken and quickly resolved. Keep up the great work!..”  Yvonne Martin  5-stars


January 2023  “..Very quick and efficient, I didn't know the actual product I needed, as I have been put in charge of stationery, but after speaking to the advisor on the phone, she managed to make sense of what I was saying and was really helpful, so absolutely great service..”  Zuber Chaudhry  5-stars


January 2023  “..Very efficient, delivery was good and customer services was very helpful when there was a problem with the ink supplied, returned and replaced. Thank you for your excellent services..”  Beverley Haw  5-stars


January 2023  “..I have been dealing with our Account Manager. He has been very helpful and quick to respond to me. I ordered a new ink cartridge for our Franking machine, the first one that was delivered had leaked so he sent me out a replacement free of charge that came next day..”  Samantha Marshall  4-stars


December 2022  “..I spoke to Heather on the phone and by email and she was lovely, she was so helpful and informed me on any deals/offers at the time. It was so easy to place an order and I will definitely be using link mailing systems in the future..”  Beth McCook  5-stars


December 2022  “..Friendly and very helpful and very quick service..”  Lorraine Stuart  5-stars


December 2022  “..Very helpful and the cartridges turned up in a good timeframe..”  Kim Pullen  5-stars


December 2022  “..Easy ordering process and prompt delivery..”  Linda Collins  5-stars


December 2022  “..Very good service, staff always happy to help. Laura is very professional and always helps when needed..”  Claire Johnson  5


December 2022  “..Competitive prices on labels and inks compared with Pitney Bowes plus fast delivery..”  Nigel Furr  5-stars


December 2022  “..Pleasant experience, Georgia is always polite and friendly, and we always receive our orders really quickly, once we place them..”  Renee Harrower  4


December 2022  “..I was very pleased at the prompt efficient service I received..”  Lauren Cramer  5-stars


December 2022  “..When your staff ring up they are very friendly and always helpful if i need anything..”  Denise White  5-stars


November 2022  “..I found the delivery was very quick… and really friendly staff when they call :)..”  Natalie Taylor  5-stars


November 2022  “..Ordered ink and it was on offer which was a bonus...The lady I dealt with was helpful and called back to ensure that the ink was being sent to the correct delivery address..”  Debbie 5-stars


November 2022  “..[Account Manager] calls me to check my stock. She is always very friendly and helpful..”  Sue Foster  5-stars


November 2022  “..Always really helpful..”  Sue  5-stars


November 2022  “..Excellent service & very swift delivery..”  Helen Cope  5


October 2022  “..Fantastic..”  Nicola Cornwell  5-stars


October 2022  “..Lovely helpful staff and efficient at getting the items dispatched..”  Monica Shirley Rea  5-stars


September 2022  “..Excellent customer service advisor. Very helpful and understanding. Went over and above with their kindness and attention to detail. Real pleasure to speak to..”  Kelly Summerfield  5-stars


September 2022  “..Good, staff always polite and prompt delivery service..”  Cindy Babbington  5-stars


September 2022  “..Very good service - prompt delivery..”  Manell Taki  5-stars


August 2022  “..Having not used Link Mailing Systems during my various occupations over the years. I would like to say that the service I was given was First Class in the process from placing my order to the delivery. The whole process was extremely friendly and I was kept well informed of where my order was etc. Thank you for excellent service..”  Carol Lines  5-stars


August 2022  “..The service is fast and efficient. We have no problems with delivery. Staff are polite and friendly and a pleasure to speak to..”  Linda Sinclair  5-stars


August 2022  “..Service good and good value for money..”  Pat Horsley  5-stars


August 2022  “..Pleasant, will happily use again and recommend..”  Sarah Jones  5-stars


August 2022  “..Very helpful staff and very good service all the time..”  Mrs Sandra Ward  5-stars


July 2022  “..Very happy with Link Mailing, everyone is very polite, cheerful and helpful. I have other companies wanting us to purchase from them but have been with link mailing approx 7 years and will not go anywhere else because I always have a polite service from you..”  Maureen Da Gama  5-stars


July 2022  “..The customer service is excellent. Every person I have spoken to over the phone to place orders have gone above and beyond. They always call every couple months to ask if we need more orders which I think is fantastic..”  Alice Thompson  5-stars


July 2022  “..Delivered on time & very reasonable cost..”  Louise  5-stars


July 2022  “..I ordered ink cartridges by email. They arrived promptly as promised and regular communication with us was good..”  Jayne Parker  5-stars


July 2022  “..Email order acknowledged and responded very quickly. Ink cartridges dispatched and received very quickly...”  Lisa Fox  4-stars


July 2022  “..Excellent service as always..”  Tina McMahon  5-stars


July 2022  “..Link mailing systems products in my experience are very good, straight forward to use the franking ink cartridges, easy to replace..”  Julie Rutter  5-stars


Review 1


June 2022  “..Easy transaction and helpful staff..”  Eby  5-stars


June 2022  “..Very efficient service with good quality products..”  Alison Tester  4-stars


June 2022  “..Staff very friendly. received my goods sharpish. have no complaints at all..”  Jess Kearley  5-stars


June 2022  “..Excellent professional speedy service. Thank you..”  Jane Phillips  5-stars


June 2022  “..Quick lead times..”  Sapphire Byng  5-stars


June 2022  “..Good communication. Good products. Quick delivery..”  Paula Eve  5-stars


June 2022  “..The order I received on the 25/05/2022 was a replacement of faulty ink cartridges, the service was excellent.  Thank you..”  Rosemary Allen  4-stars


Review 1


May 2022  “..Excellent service..”  Pauline Janice Rhodes  5-stars


April 2022  “..I have always found everyone at Link Mailing to be polite and friendly. My order was taken and delivered promptly. I will order again..”  Sharron Whiteley  5-stars


April 2022  “..Service was excellent all good thank you..”  Yvonne Stanton  5-stars


April 2022  “..Polite and friendly team members, action requests very promptly..”  Jacqueline Dougan  5-stars


April 2022  “..Very professional, friendly and excellent customer care..”  Karen Hemmings  5-stars


April 2022  “..Great service, great price, and lovely friendly staff!..”  Tina Griffiths  5-stars


April 2022  “..Order placed and received satisfactorily..”  Irene Brown  5-stars


Review 1


March 2022  “..I urgently needed a new cartridge for our franking machine and ordered this, it was delivered quickly and we are satisfied with the service provided thank you..”  Sam Byne  5-stars


March 2022  “..Excellent friendly and effIcient service as always..”  Lesley Hogg  5-stars


March 2022  “..Always been reliable, friendly and helpful..”  Heidi Cameron  5-stars


January 2022  “..My experience with link mailing is excellent. it is always a pleasure to speak to your colleague who rings me to check on our stock of ink and labels. He always make time to ask how I am and make small talk which I think is exceptionally nice...The delivery of the goods is always as promised and the quality is nothing to complain about whatsoever. Even [Agents] credit control skills to chase an outstanding payment before delivery is friendly and not pushy as some credit controllers are. All in all I would highly recommend Link mailing to anyone as a reliable and friendly and helpful company..”  Amanda  5-stars


January 2022  “..Always checking in with us and making sure we have enough stock which is handy as these are things we sometimes forget about until it runs out. Everyone i've had contact with is always very polite and friendly. Good value for money as you quite often have offers on..”  Megan Doe  5-stars


January 2022  “..Friendly quick service..”  Nilam Thapa  5-stars


January 2022  “..Very pleasant sales girl.  No intense selling unlike your other competitors..”  Sharon Tillett  4-stars


January 2022  “..Very good and efficient service..”  Sharon Munro  5-stars


January 2022  “..Alls good with order thank you..”  Joni Cooper  5-stars


December 2021  “..Very good. The service just works and that is what busy business managers need!..”  Douglas Bennett  5-stars


December 2021  “..Always found and caring and professional service. Thankyou..”  Daw Vasey  5-stars


December 2021  “..Perfect Service..”  Ellen Evans  5-stars


December 2021  “..Good quality products ...Friendly and helpful team..”  Keeley Smith  4-stars


December 2021  “..We have ordered a number of products from Link Mailing System over the last few years. Service has always been great and delivery has always been on time..”  Gurjeet Rajbans  4-stars


December 2021  “..Always pleasant and very helpful.  Orders are processed very quick thank you..”  Dawn Ringham  5-stars


December 2021  “..Link Mailing are very helpful and have helped with a replacement of labels when this was needed, as the labels were not fitting in the franking machine..”  Heidi Cameron  4-stars


November 2021  “..Based on price they cant be beaten, always bought inks from here as they are the cheapest, but always call..”  Tira Parker  4-stars


November 2021  “..Good and fast. But now we have enough ink and labels to last us for a few years!!..”  Elisa Locati  5-stars


November 2021  “..Our order arrived correctly and on time. The fact that you ask your customers for feedback is simply great. Many companies overlook this..”  Laura  5-stars


November 2021  “..Customer service and product provided by Link Mailing Systems is always good. Really appreciate the fast and professional service provided..”  Lauren Fraser  5-stars


November 2021  “..Have no issues with the labels and cartridges provided, prompt delivery always assured..”  Debbie Watts  5-stars


October 2021  “..Excellent service! any questions we have are answered quickly and efficiently ....a great team ....caring not pushy!  Thank you..”  Jayne Freeman  5-stars


October 2021  “..Great service and friendly staff..”  Nigel Smith  5-stars


October 2021  “..Quick service and delivery of items..”  Teresa Phillips  5-stars


October 2021  “..Overall, the service when we need it can't be faulted..”  Helen Cope  4-stars


October 2021  “..The experience I received was good, polite and efficient. The franking labels were in good condition. I don't know about the ink cartridge yet as we haven't installed this into our franking machine because we are still using the existing one..”  Michelle ONeill  4-stars


October 2021  “..Friendly and helpful staff. Products arrived within the given timeframe..”  Michelle  4-stars


October 2021  “..I received my goods within a couple of days when placing the order. A very professional service, thank you..”  Tracey Ann Mitchell  4-stars


September 2021  “..I always find the girls on the phone to be friendly and efficient. They are very prompt when sending through a quote and delivery is also quick. Great service with great staff..”  Maureen McEwan  5-stars


September 2021  “..Great customer service and quick delivery, we are currently in contact with Sam who is very efficient and helpful. Would definitely recommend..”  Shannon Bradshaw  5-stars


September 2021  “..Very good efficient service..”  Wendy Rowland  5-stars


September 2021  “..Products are fine and well priced. We always order from you..”  Jackie  4-stars


September 2021  “..The help and advice that I received was perfect they were very helpful and it was fast delivery!..”  Deborah Ibbotson  5-stars


September 2021  “..Friendly, polite and fast service..”  Peter Wicks  4-stars


August 2021  “..Dealing with Mail Link Systems is a pleasant experiences. No hard sell . [Account Manager] who phones regularly to find out my requirements for the franking machine. She is always pleasant and polite . Hence my small order for ink cartridges and mailing labels. A good reliable company..”  Colleen Pettinger  5-stars


August 2021  “..Good friendly service, not too assertive on the selling, good products, swiftly delivered..”  Mrs Julie Oliver  5-stars


August 2021  “..Always pleasant calls from sales people. Regular and order arrives in time. Due to Covid we have not been as busy as normal but we still get the calls. Thank You..”  Ed Evans  5-stars


August 2021  “..Always efficient and goods on time..”  Jayne Linda Loveridge  5-stars


August 2021  “..Very efficient..”  Beverley De Vere  5-stars


August 2021  “..Excellent service..”  Janet Pawley  5-stars


July 2021  “..My experience of using Link Mailing Systems is really good. The customer service is excellent and everyone I dealt with were very efficient. When my order arrived one of the inks had leaked in the box. I contacted Link straight away and was asked to send it back and a replacement would be sent. This was done really quickly with no issues. I am really pleased with the service. Very helpful staff and excellent customer service..”  Clare Cornwall -  5-stars


July 2021  “..Always pleasant, never pushy. Willing to speak on phone, not always dealt with via e-m..”  Angela Rollings -  5-stars


July 2021  “..I had a very good experience with Link mailing. Lovely customer service and the goods arrived quickly…Thank you :-)..”  Sophie Watts -  5-stars


July 2021  “..Always pleasant calls from sales people. Regular and order arrives in time. Due to Covid we have not been as busy as normal bur we still get the calls. Thank You..”  Ed Evans -  5-stars


July 2021  “..Good service - and value for money..” Pat Horsley -  5-stars


July 2021  “..Very good..”  Edward Cureton -  5-stars


July 2021  “..Staff are always very pleasant and helpful..”  Paula Eve -  5-stars


July 2021  “..Always friendly and efficient, don't need to order much especially due to co-vid we are not using franking machine currently but in the past have always been great to deal with..”  Debbie Matthews – 5-stars


July 2021  “..Always a pleasant phone call and fast delivery, a pleasure to deal with the company..”  Rob Brace -  5-stars


July 2021  “..Your staff are always very pleasant and polite..”  Melissa Baker -  5-stars


July 2021  “..Always fast efficient service, prompt response. Always keep me informed of the order progress. Excellent service..”  Denise Sweeney -  5-stars


July 2021  “..The lady who I spoke with on the phone was very nice. The process was quick and easy..”  Kavita Mann -  4-stars


July 2021  “..Excellent Service..”  Alan Stapley -  5-stars


June 2021  “..Very good, Whether it is on the phone or on email the level of customer service is fantastic.  The product price and the product itself is also fantastic..”  Sam Gibson  5-stars


June 2021  “..The experience I have with Link Mailing has always been great, but the person who I deal with there is amazing. [Account Manager] is only person I like to deal with, she is so helpful kind and gets to job done so quickly. You should be really proud to have her on your team. I only wish I had someone like that on my team too. Please pass on my thanks for all help she have provide me with over the years, she is a real credit to you..”  Michael Smith  5-stars


June 2021  “..Very helpful staff.  If we do not need any stock we are not talked into it.  If we ever did need anything urgently I am confident that it would be dealt with promptly..”  Jill Wood  5-stars


June 2021  “..Easy to deal with and fast delivery..”  Melanie Morey  4-stars


June 2021  “..Both phone calls and emails are always very friendly and the service is so efficient. Staff are great at their job and it is always a pleasure to speak to them. Thanks for a great service as always..”  Denise De-Gier  5-stars


June 2021  “..Ordering with Link Mailing is always quick and easy to do. Replies back via email are always efficient and very helpful..”  Katherine Vaccaro  4-stars


May 2021  “..We always get a call to check how we re doing for supplies of cartridges and labels.  Always a happy friendly voice on the end on the phone. Nice to get told of the promotions that are happening..”  Daniel Canter  5-stars


May 2021  “..The customer service was brilliant and someone is always willing to help. Will definitely be ordering again..”  Jess Prutton  5-stars


May 2021  “..Very happy, polite staff very willing to help in anyway they can..”  Lynn Hatfield  5-stars


May 2021  “..The whole process was every well handled by your operator and delivery was fast and efficient..”  Arthur Stanford  5-stars


May 2021  “..Quick delivery and very helpful agents - good quality at a good price..”  Lucy Spooner  5-stars


April 2021  “..Link Mailing System has been really helpful for our company. It's really easy to use and working without any problem. I would recommend to any Company who is dealing with large amount of mail every day..”  Tamara  5-stars


April 2021  “..Link Mailing are very attentive and efficient..”  Kate Swindell  4-stars


April 2021  “..My experience with Link Mailing has always been good..”  Justin Spiller  4-stars


April 2021  “..Very pleased with quality of items and very prompt delivery..”  Miranda  4-stars


April 2021  “..I have had very little experience with Link Mailing so far but it was positive and responses were very quick and informative.  Thank you..”  Tracy Renshaw  4-stars


April 2021  “..Fast, helpful and friendly..”  Sylvia Rawlins  5-stars


April 2021  “..The service was efficient and the goods supplied were good..”  Debra Yeates  5-stars


March 2021  “..Very polite. Nice and efficient getting the stuff sent out to us. Chocolates always a lovely treat..”  Amy Gee  5-stars


March 2021  “..Very good service. Happy with the offer on franking machine inks..”  Gemma McCabe  5-stars


February 2021  “..Link Mailing system services are very efficient, they call to make sure you have everything you need and are very pleasant with there customer service..”  Donna Tumilty  5-stars


February 2021  “..Really helpful and very speedy delivery..”  Claire Kinread  5-stars


February 2021  “..Quick service at a good price..”  Claire Ruscoe  5-stars


February 2021  “..Great Customer Service..”  Wendy Teare  5-stars


February 2021  “..Easy to deal with..”  Jane Rogers  5-stars


January 2021  “..Good quality of products.  Good staff very friendly and knowledgeable.  Good prices. Overall very happy with Link Mailing they do a great job 10/10..”  Sam  5-stars


January 2021  “..Great service, quick delivery. Delivery was collected by someone else in the business and when I had a query they sent me copy of delivery note straight away. Great company..”  Anna  5-stars


January 2021  “..As I was experiencing issues with franking machine I was really surprised how easy they can be resolved and how professional.  Been explained how to do it step by step and also reassured that somebody will come back to me next day. Very happy with it as giving me these useful tricks will help all our staff in future..”  Renata Cieslar  5-stars


January 2021  “..Very friendly and polite over the telephone. Order arrived quickly and payment wasn't requested until a month later. Will defiantly continue to order ink from Link Mailing Systems..”  Sue Field  5-stars


January 2021  “..Always first class service. Prompt response and always reply to any queries..”  Linda Chapman  5-stars


January 2021  “..Excellent customer service and lovely staff to speak to, the ink cartridges we ordered reached us really fast and they have great deals..”  Natasha  5-stars


January 2021  “..Quick delivery and very friendly selling Team on the phone..”  Mrs Williamson  5-stars


January 2021  “..An all round positive experience! Lovely customer service on the phone and my products were dispatched quickly. Thank you! :)..”  Holly Isted  5-stars


January 2021  “..Always helpful and courteous..”  Helen Rowland  5-stars


December 2020  “..Everyone I speak to at Link mailing are always extremely polite, helpful and efficient. The service is great. I would never think of going anywhere else because of this..”  Maureen Da Gama - Hampshire 5-stars


December 2020  “..The young lady who telephones us is always very helpful and pleasant and nothing is too much trouble..”  Ellen Bristow - Wiltshire 5-stars


December 2020  “..Helpful, efficient, quick turnaround, a very caring customer service..”  Jayne Freeman - West Midlands 5-stars


December 2020  “..I ordered some franking supplies online.  Very quick and efficient service..”  Carol Gibson - Hertfordshire 5-stars


December 2020  “..Efficient ordering with a simple system to use..”  Andrew Ridge - Surrey 4-stars


December 2020  “..Very friendly, helpful and efficient service..”  Wendy Rowland - West Sussex 5-stars


December 2020  “..Very helpful, chatty and cheerful staff..”  Heather Evans - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


December 2020  “..Excellent service - item received next day…Thank you..”  Lorraine Robins - West Yorkshire 5-stars


December 2020  “..Really efficient service provided consistently and the speedy delivery is great..”  Emma Smith - Merseyside 5-stars


November 2020  “..Staff very helpful and cheerful. Orders arrive promptly. Am advised of any current offers...”  Sally Joselynn - Berkshire 5-stars


November 2020  “..Very helpful and great service!..”  Rochelle Wright - Essex 5-stars


November 2020  “..Prompt service..”  Elena Cocianu - London 5-stars


October 2020  “..Telephone sales phone up occasionally and ask if we have enough supplies. The are pleasant and not persistent When needed supplies are promptly received...”  David Pinfold - Oxfordshire 5-stars


October 2020  “..We have been ordering from Link Mailing for several Years, service and quality of products are both excellent!..”  Nava Bogle - West Midlands 5-stars


October 2020  “..We were impressed with the competitive pricing and friendliness of the staff..”  Siobhan Johnston - Gloucestershire 4-stars


October 2020  “..Excellent service, friendly polite staff, good communication..”  Amanda Wheeler - West Sussex 5-stars


October 2020  “.October 2020  “..Very good customer service with quick delivery times. Very happy..”  Darlene Mackay - Scotland 5-stars


October 2020  “..As a small Company we only use very little ink and it can last for up to 1 year, we only average about 10 letters outgoing per week but when we placed the order it was efficient and arrived the next day, so no problems at all and we will us Link Mailing Systems in the future..”  Joanne Hill - West Yorkshire 5-stars


October 2020  “..Very professional and efficient, items received on time!..”  Jennifer Huie Gordon - Surrey 5-stars


October 2020  “..I just wanted to convey my thanks for the very prompt response to my email yesterday regarding us being sent the wrong cartridges for our franking machine. Within a matter of minutes from my email being sent, I received a call. She then arranged for the correct cartridges to be sent and we received these this morning  – less than 24 hours from my original email. I am very grateful for this excellent customer service...”  Sheila Glen - Scotland 5-stars


October 2020  “..Very helpful and polite. Fast delivery times..”  Sian Coburn - Wales 4-stars


October 2020  “..Great service. No problems.  Thank you..”  Lauren Price - Lancashire 5-stars


October 2020  “..Reliable. When ordering supplies very efficient for taking and delivering order..”  Greg Kinniburgh - Scotland 5-stars


October 2020  “..Always helpful and prompt. Good value for money..”  Laura Beddis - Gloucestershire 5-stars


October 2020  “..Your sales team is always polite and helpful.  We don't order a large amount of products but when we do it is prompt delivery..”  Brenda Kirby - Lancashire 5-stars


October 2020  “..Great service..”  Angie Annies - Cambridgeshire 5-stars


September 2020  “..Very friendly, efficient and professional service, kept informed of special offers, dispatch details. Any issues resolved quickly..”  Kim Davies - Wales 5-stars


August 2020  “..Link Mailing Systems have always been absolutely efficient with their orders, always going above and beyond in terms of value for money and experience…Thank you so much!..”  Rachel Palmer - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


August 2020  “..I always speak to [Account Manager] at Link Mailing who is always very happy and helpful. She is one of the reasons I carry on buying with you as I have found other companies pushy but she is always professional even when I don't need to order any supplies..”  Natalie Knebel - Lancashire 5-stars


August 2020  “..Efficient prompt and helpful..”  Mrs  Laura Beddis - Gloucestershire 5-stars


August 2020  “..Overall an excellent experience with Link Mailing. The items always arrive when they say they will..”  Catharine Scott - Cambridgeshire 5-stars


August 2020  “..Friendly and efficient..”  Jessie Wheeler - Surrey 4-stars


July 2020  “..As always they were helpful and quick. We will be using them now as we were using Pitney Bowes. The Ink they supply is brilliant and a lot cheaper. I will recommend then to other schools from now on...Thank you for your time...”  Anita Churchill - Middlesex 5-stars


 July 2020  “..Even during these unusual times with Covid 19 my experience dealing with Link Mailing was very positive. Order placed & delivered in good time. Very satisfied with their service..”  Sheila Carle - Scotland 5-stars


July 2020  “..We had been let down by our supplier for the print cartridge which had run out. Link Mailing were amazing when I emailed them and the goods were delivered the very next day..”  Val Gibbs - Hertfordshire 5-stars


July 2020  “..Your representatives are always very friendly and helpful. They always make dealing with your company pleasant..”  Barbara Elder - Flintshire 5-stars


July 2020  “..Very good service and good value for money..”  Pat - Essex 5-stars


July 2020  “..Customer advisors always very helpful and quick delivery..”  Linda Twyman - Norfolk 5-stars


July 2020  “..I have found Link Mailing Systems advisors always very polite, helpful and efficient..”  Sandra Darwin - South Yorkshire 4-stars


July 2020  “..Query on email response was quick. I ordered via email and the products came in quick. Excellent service. Thanks..”  Charlotte Mills - West Midlands 5-stars


July 2020  “..Quick and easy to order, very friendly service..”  Ria Beal - Surrey 5-stars


February 2020  “..The website was clear, the order was easy to place, and goods arrived in a timely manner.  A very good competitive price..”  Joy Mallard - Wales 5-stars


February 2020  “..All went well and received the labels quickly..”  Toni Stead - Surrey 5-stars


February 2020  “..Wonderful experience, rang as wrong cartridges received, swapped to correct ones with no problems at all..”  Sarah Gibbs - Hampshire 5


February 2020  “..I had a very good experience..”  Tira Parker - South Yorkshire 5-stars


February 2020  “..Very helpful and prompt in replying to any queries..”  Teresa Davis - East Sussex 5-stars


February 2020  “..Very pleasant and efficient young lady took the order and it arrived as promised, what more could one ask ?..”  Peter Brookson - Essex 5-stars


February 2020  “..Quick efficient service..”  Jo Stinton - Hampshire 4-stars


February 2020  “..Always good service, fast delivery and nice people to deal with!..”  Linda Jamieson - Norfolk 5-stars


February 2020  “..Very good, good communication and regularly checking our supply needs..”  Emma Coleman - Lancashire 5


January 2020  “..Excellent customer service and excellent service delivery..”  Debbie Hobbs - Wales 5-stars


January 2020  “..Ordering was quick and easy…pleasant service…Thankyou..”  Yvonne Flinn - Lancashire 5-stars


January 2020  “..Very good service, quick delivery and competitively priced..”  Kim Reynders - West Midlands 5-stars


January 2020  “..I had no issues with my order everything was very efficient..”  Helen Findlan - Devon 5-stars


January 2020  “..Excellent service and would have no hesitation in recommending them for all franking machine supplies..”  Linda Boxall - Surrey 5-stars


January 2020  “..Very friendly & helpful staff,good knowledge of products..”  Sharon - Lancashire 5-stars


January 2020  “..Your staff has alway been polite and friendly, orders placed came within days..”  Wendy Williams - London 5-stars


January 2020  “..Efficient and friendly service..”  Tash Williams - London 5-stars


January 2020  “..Very Sufficient service . Next Day delivery Excellent..”  Teresa Kelly - Staffordshire 5-stars


January 2020  “..quick and easy..”  Wanda Middleton - Hertfordshire 5-stars


January 2020  “..Very efficient ordering service product delivered on time..”  Jean Rooms - Bedfordshire 5-stars


January 2020  “..Pleasant and friendly with very easy and quick services..”  Shannon Price - Worcestershire 5-stars


January 2020  “..Very quick and helpful..”  Jackie Chawner - Hampshire 5-stars


January 2020  “..Very helpful staff and very good service..”  Paula Eve - Wales 5-stars


January 2020  “..Really simple and easy- Will ring from time to time to see if any more items are needed such as ink... always helpful and if any problems they will try to rectify them ASAP..”  Nicole Walker - Avon 5-stars


January 2020  “..Good service when we have needed to order items for our franking machine..”  Paul McIver - West Yorkshire 4-stars


January 2020  “..Good service always quick.  [Account Manager] is really nice and always keeps in touch to see if we want stock..”  Julie Brook - West Yorkshire 5-stars


January 2020  “..Very professional - clear explanations and great communication..”  Gillian Pourou - Surrey 5-stars


December 2019  “..Great no problems with the goods we got will use again when we need more ink..”  Emma Lynn - Tyne & wear 5-stars


December 2019  “..Excellent service and customer care. Excellent product..”  Ray Prince - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


December 2019  “..Very fast and efficient service with helpful advisors..”  Ni'mah Braithwaite - London 5-stars


December 2019  “..Friendly efficient service. We do not have much demand as only use two cartridges per year for our franking machine. Attentive service...”  Brenda Curtis - Avon 5-stars


November 2019  “..Very attentive and courteous..”  Patricia Brunton - Wales 5-stars


November 2019  “..Very friendly staff don't hassle if you ask them to call again in 3 months they do, emailed our order and delivery was very quick. Very pleased with their service..”  Linda McLachlan - Cheshire 5-stars


November 2019  “..My contact at Link Mailing is always polite and helpful. Items arrive quickly and are good quality. Link Mailing is a company we would recommend to others..”  Karen Shaw - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


November 2019  “..Have been ordering via link mailing for years because we have had good service..”  Jess Hancock - Devon 4-stars


November 2019  “..[Account Manager] is always kind and courteous on the phone. She gives me a call on a regular basis and keeps track of my stock levels..”  Stephen Wrightson - West Yorkshire 5-stars


November 2019  “..My experience and service received was second to none..”  Craig Webster - Scotland 5-stars


November 2019  “..We receive regular calls to check on our stock. We are a small firm so our orders are infrequent however, we receive a very attentive, friendly service despite our small requirements..”  Linda Sinclair - Cambridgeshire 5-stars


November 2019  “..Fast and efficient..”  Jackie Dey - Scotland 5-stars


November 2019  “..Excellent & Friendly customer service..”  Callum Boardman - Lancashire 5-stars


October 2019  “..Excellent service, always cheerful even if I haven't taken up on an offer..”  Pauline Rhodes - West Midlands 5-stars


October 2019  “..[Account Manager] has persevered with me throughout my lack of confidence to try compatibles. I eventually decided to give them a go and wish I'd done so before! [Account Manager] is pleasant, polite and conscientious, a real pleasure to deal with..”  Janette Daniel - Worcestershire 5-stars


October 2019  “..I have received a good service from Link Mailing Systems..”  Sutton Brown - Essex 4-stars


October 2019  “..Staff friendly and efficient.  Labels come quickly..”  Amy Cousins - Northamptonshire 5-stars


October 2019  “..Easy to place the order and the product arrived quickly...Will definitely use again..”  Jessica Lever - West Yorkshire 4-stars


October 2019  “..Easy to order products..”  Noemi Horvath - London 5-stars


September 2019  “..I have used your company only twice, but both times I have received exceptional service. The items have arrived promptly and the customer service was brilliant..”  Ashley Evans - Oxfordshire 5-stars


September 2019  “..Always very helpfully and obliging..”  Yvonne Collings - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


September 2019  “..My experience has been good with Link Mailing..”  Laura Jones - West Midlands 4-stars


September 2019  “..Placed order and was informed of delivery date. Labels arrived promptly...”  Sally Robinson - Leicestershire 4-stars


September 2019  “..Excellent. Courteous and professional at all times..”  Tina Joyce - Bedfordshire 5-stars


September 2019  “..Excellent service, items received promptly..”  Julia Collett - Shropshire 5-stars


September 2019  “..Very efficient and helpful..”  Diane Deadman - Lancashire 4-stars


September 2019  “..Very good value for money - lasts just as long as the PO ones..”  Pat Horsley - Essex 4-stars


September 2019  “..Excellent service as always!..”  Nava Bogle - West Midlands 5-stars


August 2019  “..I have always found [Account Manager] to be really helpful with us And the products they offer are just as good as the original if not better.  I find the ink lasts longer than getting it from Neopost..”  Elaine Glen - Scotland 5-stars


August 2019  “..It is a pleasure dealing with LMS. Ordering is easy and their sales team are efficient and friendly...”  Mike Scott - Devon 5-stars


August 2019  “..Sales are always pleasant and helpful. Goods are of good quality, never had a problem..”  Yvonne Greasley - Warwickshire 5-stars


August 2019  “..[Account Manager] was very helpful and goods arrived the next day..”  Laura Corry - Northern Ireland 5-stars


August 2019  “..The team have been excellent, very helpful..”  Mrs J MacGregor - Hampshire 5-stars


August 2019  “..Excellent cant complain about anything..”  Elizabeth Hodge - Scotland 5-stars


August 2019  “..Excellent..”  Frances Norgrove - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


August 2019  “..Good service and prompt delivery - Many Thanks..”  Tina Heath - Staffordshire 5-stars


July 2019  “..Excellent customer service, very efficient and very pleasant..”  Debbie Hobbs - Wales 5-stars


July 2019  “..Never have problem ordering and the service is quick and efficient.  [Account Manager] is always pleasant and efficient...”  Julie Brook - West Yorkshire 5-stars


July 2019  “..Very efficient and speedy ordering..”  Diane Starr Savage - Avon 5-stars


July 2019  “..Ordered some inks for the franking machine; the gentleman I have been speaking to over 8 years and has always been so polite and competent..”  Beverley Evans - Surrey 5-stars


July 2019  “..An efficient service well explained over the phone, and delivered the items according to their word..”  Robert Ellis - London 5-stars


July 2019  “..Receive regular calls to check on stock and representative is very professional and helpful. When stock is needed/ordered it is received very quickly..”  Denise Greenwood - Cheshire 5-stars


July 2019  “..Great service..”  Magda Hewitt - West Midlands 5-stars


July 2019  “..Fast delivery, order was handled is an efficient and pleasant manner..”  Robert Young - Hertfordshire 5-stars


June 2019  “..The sales team are always extremely informative and warm whenever I have had contact with them. Link Mailing Systems provide some of the best customer service I have experienced in my 10 years in this industry. [Account Manager] in particular has been incredibly informative, efficient and friendly in catering for all our needs..”  Daniel Watkinson - Oxfordshire 5-stars


June 2019  “..Have been dealing with Link Mailing now for a good few years, and it is always [Account Manager]  who rings me. She is so polite and friendly and professional. She always rings me back when I ask her to and always checks to make sure I have a confirmation of my order. She is an asset and hope this feed back gets back to her ( sorry I don't know her surname)..”  Emma Gardner - Lancashire 5-stars


June 2019  “..Excellent service thank you..”  Barbara Archer - Derbyshire 5-stars


June 2019  “..Great customer service, fast delivery..”  Sharon Carson - West Midlands5-stars


June 2019  “..All fine, the order was placed via email and was correct and timely..”  Chris Oyetunde - Hertfordshire 4-stars


June 2019  “..Good service all round. Had problem with one of the cartridges not working properly, replaced the next day..”  Melanie Regan-Brown - Kent 5-stars


June 2019  “..Products are great.  My account manager looks after me very well.   Cannot fault the service provided..”  Jade Robinson - Merseyside5-stars


June 2019  “..The staff are always nice and polite and the service is really good with great delivery turn around..”  Anna Watson - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


June 2019  “..Excellent [Account Manager]  is always polite on the phone even when you don't order anything..”  Sandra Pollard - Northumberland 5-stars


June 2019  “..Very efficient..”  Haseeb Chaudhary - London 5-stars


June 2019  “..Very good, excellent communication and prompt delivery..”  Emma Foster - Yorkshire 5-stars


June 2019  “..

great and speedy service! [Account Manager] who calls me every month is really helpful and her calls are much appreciated..”  Doreen Shields - Scotland 5-stars


June 2019  “..Satisfied with service..”  Shahnaz Mir - West Yorkshire 4-stars


June 2019  “..Friendly service prompt delivery..”  Anne Stewart - Northern Ireland 4-stars


June 2019  “..Very quick and efficient service, very helpful sales team whom feel like no job is too much for them..”  Georgina Betts - West Midlands 4-stars


June 2019  “..[Account Manager] has always kept in contact with us and is always very helpful and will do his upmost to find anything we require. Nothing is too much trouble for him. A pleasant company to deal with..”  Clare Pierce - West Yorkshire 5-stars


June 2019  “..Processing of our order was efficient...[Account Mnager] is always pleasant on the phone..”  Julian Davis - London 4-stars


June 2019  “..Always very efficient and helpful..”  Julia Rudd - Hampshire 5-stars


June 2019  “..very good service..”  Ian McGraw - Scotland 5-stars


June 2019  “..Non pushy sales are appreciated as are the calls to check on stock, the calls aren't over the top in their frequency nor are they too sparse..”  Justin Spiller - Avon 5-stars


June 2019  “..Very quick and efficient, pleasure to talk to..”  Carole Walker - Wales 5-stars


June 2019  “..Staff always happy to help and take back any unwanted items we have been unable to use..”  Ann Fryatt - Hampshire 5-stars


May 2019  “..Friendly staff polite and courteous…Excellent efficient service all round…Good prices for the products we require…Fast and reliable service..”  Alan Frost - Essex 5-stars


May 2019  “..[Account Manager] from Link Mailing has always been very helpful & when I ordered the ink cartridges it was so easy & we had them delivered in a few days without any problems..”  Marie Gordon - Scotland5-stars


May 2019  “..Lovely sales lady calls for Inks and labels. Our usage is very low so only purchase approx once a year..”  Jane Baldry - Hertfordshire 4-stars


May 2019  “..Friendly customer service advisors who are knee to help and up to date on the products. we will be ordering again soon..”  Sam Maidment - Lancashire 5-stars


May 2019  “..The products (double sided franking labels) are great, never had any issues with orders or the product..”  Kain Holroyd - West Midlands 4-stars


May 2019  “..My experience with Link Mailing has always been very friendly…[Account Manager]  calls me once a month to see if I need anything and is very friendly, polite and cheerful..”  Maureen Symon - Scotland 5-stars


May 2019  “..Good reliable service provided, very polite to talk to..”  John Burkett - Hertfordshire 5-stars


May 2019  “..Very professional & helpful..”  Celia Stevens - Surrey 5-stars


May 2019  “..Absolutely fine…extremely helpful..”  Lorraine Essl - Essex 5-stars


May 2019  “..I have always been happy with the staff who place the orders, who are most helpful..”  Jeanette Pryke - Dorset 5-stars


April 2019  “..I'm more than satisfied with Link Mailing Systems. It's very easy to order more inks and the response time of the confirmation of order was almost immediate as is the dispatch and delivery..”  Jan Bevan - Suffolk 5-stars


April 2019  “..Excellent customer service and speedy delivery..”  Catriona Stewart - Scotland 5-stars


April 2019  “..Very efficient ordering and delivery..”  Jo Stinton - Hampshire 4-stars


April 2019  “..Pleased with the service, helpful and friendly staff..”  Toula O'Driscoll - Hertfordshire 5-stars


April 2019  “..Very good, cartridges were delivered quickly and efficiently..”  Chloe Marshall - Lancashire 5-stars


April 2019  “..Always a good service..”  Sandra Holman - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


April 2019  “..Very efficient..”  Lynne Harfield - Hampshire 5-stars


April 2019  “..Recently had a faulty ink cartridge a replacement was sent out the following day free of charge. Excellent service. Thank you very much..”  Anne Putney - Bedfordshire 5-stars


March 2019  “..Despite being a low user, we still get regular calls from Link Mailing and when we do need new stock, it's ordered & delivered very quickly. Good Service..”  Tony North - Lincolnshire 5-stars


March 2019  “..Very happy from start to finish..”  Melanie Regan - Kent 5-stars


March 2019  “..The person on the phone was very polite and professional. A clear speaking manner also helped. It was nice to speak to a happy person who was more than happy to help..”  Rob Greening - Dorset 4-stars


March 2019  “..Very good, quick efficient service..”  Juliette Woodland - North Somerset 4-stars


March 2019  “..I appreciated the service by email and the products arrived on time. I will use your service again in future. Thanks..”  Rosalba Talia - London 5-stars


March 2019  “..The order for franking labels was handled efficiently the sales person was polite and cheerful...”  Robert Young - Hertfordshire 4-stars


March 2019  “..Very happy with contact and price of products..”  Marcelle Hack - Essex 5-stars


March 2019  “..Friendly, Caring , making sure we have the product….phone us every month asking if we need any ink cartridges how nice is that..”  Roberto - Cheshire 5-stars


February 2019  “..Really good, staff are friendly and helpful!..”  Ruben Almeida - London 5-stars


February 2019  “..Service is really good..”  Mary Redford - Cumbria 5-stars


February 2019  “..Great service, Great Price and quick delivery..”  Jessica Hardstaff - Lancashire 5-stars


February 2019  “..[Account Manager] is always a pleasure to deal with..”  Robert Thomas - Hertfordshire 5-stars


February 2019  “..Very good service and fast delivery..”  Ray Prince - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


February 2019  “..Polite, quick, affordable...what's not to like!..”  Barbara Taylor - Shropshire 5-stars


February 2019  “..Always a good service and friendly, helpful staff. They make ordering supplies very easy!..”  Nicola Street - London 4-stars


February 2019  “..Labels arrived a few days after I ordered them...”  Sally Rollings - Avon 4-stars


February 2019  “..Great service..”  Helen Jerome - Hertfordshire 5-stars


January 2019  “..I have regular phone calls from [Account Manager] asking if I require any supplies. She is a friendly person who makes an effort to find out what is required and how she can assist me. I am very happy that this effort is made and it impacts positvely on my choice of supplier. When ordered, my supplies are delivered on time and at the right price. Well done :-)..”  Andy Gibson - London 5-stars


January 2019  “..Very happy with products provided and Link Mailing, thank you..”  Janette Maddison - Tyne and Wear 5-stars


January 2019  “..Customer Service is good and they will always try to resolve any problems as quickly as possible, the delivery service is also good..”  Steve Holt - Surrey 4-stars


January 2019  “..Always very helpful and anything ordered is always here very quickly, prices very reasonable too..”  Tina Harris - Suffolk 5-stars


January 2019  “..Excellent Service. Always prompt delivery of goods..”  Rachel Douglas - Cumbria 4-stars


January 2019  “..Staff are always very pleasant to deal with..”  Linda Mitchell - West Yorkshire 5-stars


January 2019  “..always very easy to deal with and always giving a good deal never had any problems and are very happy with the service..”  Jo Cree - Bedfordshire 5-stars


January 2019  “..Very good service and easy to use..”  Rebecca Cowan - North Yorkshire 5-stars


January 2019  “..Good offer on labels, efficient service. Now have enough labels for a year or so..”  Sue Lovelock - Sussex 5-stars


January 2019  “..Very friendly and polite staff to deal with.  Easy to deal with when placing orders also..”  Michael Joseph - Lancashire 4-stars


January 2019  “..Very friendly and efficient service..”  Louisa Laurenti - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


January 2019  “..The ink cartridge we ordered wouldn't work but you were very quick and efficient in sending a replacement cartridge..”  Sharon Bondsfield - Hampshire 4-stars


December 2018  “..The advisor was incredibly helpful and got the delivery sent straight away.  Would shop again in future with this company...”  Beth Pickard - Wales 5-stars


December 2018  “..Great customer service over the phone...Next day delivery if rung before a certain time...I did have a faulty toner this year but it was replaced within a few days.  GREAT GREAT WORK - Merry Christmas..”  Jo Steedman - Lancashire 5-stars


December 2018  “..Staff members always polite and the items arrive on time with no hassle. And no issue with the quality..”  Duncan Hart - West Midlands 4-stars


December 2018  “..Very easy to order, ink always works well with our machine,..”  Graham Roper - West Yorkshire 5-stars


December 2018  “..Very efficient. Always had a positive experience with them..”  Vikki Martin - Devon 4-stars


December 2018  “..Link Mailing were great. From ordering, delivery and payment everything was really efficient done..”  Ursula Cichon - Wales 5-stars


December 2018  “..Efficient & knowledgeable..”  Yvonne Collins - County Durham 5-stars


December 2018  “..Staff are highly professional and polite and nothing is too much of a problem. The deliveries are prompt. Thank you..”  Louise Cooper - Lancashire 5-stars


December 2018  “..Fast, efficient & friendly service!..”  Catherine Teeboon - Leicestershire 5-stars


December 2018  “..Link Mailing Systems are quick to deliver and also reliable..”  Carol Hunter - Tyne and Wear 5-stars


December 2018  “..[Account Manager] at Link Mailing is always very helpful and friendly when making orders..”  Morgan Kean - Warwickshire 4-stars


December 2018  “..Efficient service as always. We had a problem with a faulty ink cartridge in the last delivery, but it was sorted and a replacement sent immediately..”  Julie Baldwin - South Yorkshire 5-stars


December 2018  “..Exceptional customer service and very efficient. [Account Manager] has been amazing to work with..”  Faith Yearwood - Berkshire 5-stars


November 2018  “..Efficient and straight forward..”  Bridget Legg - Dorset 5-stars


November 2018  “..[Account Manager] is always great to deal with and service is excellent..”  George Reid - Scotland 5-stars


November 2018  “..Always very helpful, easy to order the items and cheaper than other companies for the same products..”  Anne Putney - Bedfordshire 5-stars


November 2018  “..Quick, straightforward. Nice staff..”  Carole Hingley - West Midlands 5-stars


November 2018  “..I have been very well looked after by [Account Manager]. Account Manager] makes the ordering very easy - she calls me to check when I need stock and when I do need stock [Account Manager] arranges anything that I need. It is down to the great Customer Service that I receive from [Account Manager] which is  one of the reasons I use your company..”  Jade Robinson - Merseyside 5-stars


November 2018  “..[Account Manager] is brilliant sales person, very friendly always sends emails on a regular basis and follows these up with a phone call..”  Suzanne Pecci - Wales 5-stars


November 2018  “..Very quick at delivery ink good quality should keep us going for the next 6 - 7 months..”  Jack Hirst - West Yorkshire 4-stars


November 2018  “..Polite, courteous, helpful..”  Jayne Pountney - West Midlands 5-stars


November 2018  “..Excellent, friendly warm staff, genuinely helpful..”  Sharon Dickinson - Tyne & Wear 5-stars


November 2018  “..My experience with Link Mailing Systems has always been straight forward - purchase and pay for goods. The last time I ordered ink cartridges we had a problem with the imprint on our envelopes. I contacted link mailing and they sent out a replacement cartridge to see if it resolved the problem; when it didn't they referred it to their technical section and made a suggestion of a different cartridge and it worked..”  Jasmin Sutherland - Cheshire 4-stars


November 2018  “..Very efficient. Staff polite and helpful. Delivery in expected time..”  Lynn Landau - West Yorkshire5-stars


November 2018  “..Initial contact was good and follow up was at acceptable times. Negotiations were excellent and once we agreed a good price, delivery was next day. Product quality is excellent..”  Angie Sheridan - Cumbria 5-stars


October 2018  “..I have used Link Mailing for some time now and have always been very pleased with the product and the service I have received. The franking ink cartridge that I use is a very good price and it is delivered within couple of days from ordering.  [Account Manager] who I deal with in the office is very polite...Excellent service!..”  Julie Goodland - Devon 5-stars


October 2018  “..Service was great, prices are one of the cheapest on the market..”  Shaf Nowab - Lancashire5-stars


October 2018  “..Fantastic service..”  Sarah Wade - Derbyshire 5-stars


October 2018  “..Easy to order and speedy delivery..”  Lynsey George - West Midlands 5-stars


October 2018  “..I have always received very good service from Link Mailing systems. Orders are delivered very quickly and [Account Manager] is very helpful and very informative..”  Lisa Jane Edgley - East Sussex 5-stars


October 2018  “..Lovely customer service, staff very friendly to talk too, nice manner and very polite when calling. Excellent delivery time..”  Laura Monks - Merseyside 5-stars


October 2018  “..Very good..”  Shelley Jarvis - West Sussex 5-stars


October 2018  “..I am contacted regularly by [Account Manager], she is always polite and friendly. I always receive an excellent service at a very good price..”  Paul Lander - Essex 5-stars


September 2018  “..I have purchased from Link Mailing for a few years now and have always been pleased with the competitive prices and excellent service..”  Trisha Langdon - Hampshire 5-stars


September 2018  “..Very courteous and efficient when we order..”  Linda Pipe - Hertfordshire 5-stars


September 2018  “..Fast and efficient - always polite - we don't order much but its always delivered promptly..”  Sharon Burns - Avon 5-stars


September 2018  “..Happy with service..”  Tracey Jones - Wales 4-stars


September 2018  “..Always very polite and helpful. Delivery services is excellent..”  Debra Hill - Lincolnshire5-stars


September 2018  “..Very good..”  Debbie Knox - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


September 2018  “..The cartridge was replaced quickly and without any quibble, so that is a real plus point...[Account Manager] who deals with my orders is always polite, efficient and friendly. As the human voice of Link, you couldn't ask for better..”  Michael Dale - East Sussex 4-stars


August 2018  “..I have been very lucky indeed to have dealt with such professionalism and wonderful customer service from the Link Mailing Team. When calling with enquiries the people I spoke to were helpful, easy to talk to and also called me back to confirm any enquiries I had. When the order was placed with the wonderful savings deal that was on. Everything was perfect. Even when delivery was running late I was informed, so rather than wandering where they were, I knew what was going on. I thank you all for being so brilliant and easy to deal with and would like to add that the people on the end of the phone are friendly too, which I personally respond to very well (rather than a monotone, bored voice) the people I dealt with had personality. A huge bonus for me. Ta muchly you lot!!..”  Jonathan Harding - Berkshire 5-stars


August 2018  “..Always friendly, always helpful. always next day delivery..”  Jo Steedman - Lancashire 5-stars


August 2018  “..The service is really good, the attendants are nice..”  Livia Carlini Schmidt - Essex 4-stars


August 2018  “..Nice to work with. Excellent service..”  Aleksandra Senkova - Norfolk 4-stars


August 2018  “..The order process was easy and was handled in a pleasant cheerful manner by the lady taking the order. It was great value for money and was delivered promptly,..”  Robert Young - Hertfordshire 4-stars


August 2018  “..I have no problem with the company at all..”  Pamela Quelch - Hampshire 5-stars


August 2018  “..Easy to order friendly service and fast delivery..”  Teresa Stuart - Dorset 5-stars


August 2018  “..Excellent service super quick delivery..”  Julie Bird - Berkshire 5-stars


July 2018  “..I have a very high opinion of Link Mailing Systems, because my experience of working with them has always been extremely positive. Their customer service is excellent, and the franking ink cartridges are always great quality, at a brilliant price. I would therefore highly recommend Link Mailing Systems to family, friends and acquaintances..”  Luke John Pinder - West Midlands 5-stars


July 2018  “..[Account Manager] calls to see if we need anything she is very polite, not pushy always helpful.  The items we send by post has dropped over the last few years so we don't order much..”  Janice Burgess - Essex 4-stars


July 2018  “..We are very satisfied with the friendly but professional service provided by [Account Manager]. We always get a quote from her before placing an order for our labels or ink cartridges. Highly recommended!..”  Raymond Robert - London 5-stars


July 2018  “..Very helpful,supportive,chice and information all good,communication and contact really good..”  Julia Mitchell - Gwent 5-stars


July 2018  “..Very good service and customer care..”  Debbie Wale - Norfolk 5-stars


July 2018  “..I deal with [Account Manager], who is always really friendly and helpful - she's a great ambassador for your company!..”  Clare Tilbury - Suffolk 5-stars


July 2018  “..Thank you for responding quickly to our orders/deliveries, we are very pleased with the service you provide..”  Wendy Clive - Lancashire 5-stars


July 2018  “..Very quick and efficient service and good prices, we will continue to use you for our franking ink supplies..”  Jo Stinton - Hampshire 4-stars


July 2018  “..I appreciate the reminders that the inks may be running low...”  Linda Crossley - Yorkshire 4-stars


July 2018  “..Very professional and friendly service..”  Marcelle Hack - Essex 5-stars


July 2018  “..Professional and friendly service..”  Mahmud Quadri - Middlesex 5-stars


July 2018  “..Very nice staff, easy to order, quick delivery...No problems so far. Happy customer :-)..”  Di Isted - Sussex 5-stars


July 2018  “..A very quick service was provided..”  Helen Peers - Scotland 4-stars


July 2018  “..[Account Manager] is always polite and very helpful. She does what we request. She is an asset to your Company. Always a pleasure dealing with her..”  Ellen Bristow - Wiltshire 5-stars


July 2018  “..The goods arrived in good time and as ordered..”  Gail Rielly - Lancashire 4-stars


July 2018  “..I received a call from [Account Manager] who was very knowledgeable and provided excellent customer service from start to finish.  Many thanks..”  Kieran Phelan - West Midlands 5-stars


July 2018  “..Very pleasant girl who phones to ask if we would like to order some cartridges for our franking machine nothing to complain out..”  Stephenie Leadbeater - Kent 5-stars


June 2018  “..Very friendly and efficient service. [Account Manager] keeps in touch to let me know whats on offer and to make sure I have enough supplies..”  Derek Neilson - Scotland 5-stars


June 2018  “..Always great service. [Account Manager]  is very friendly and helpful. Products are good value and quality. Very happy with service so far. Thank you..”  Jackie Vasey - Lincolnshire 5-stars


June 2018  “..Have been very helpful with pricing quotes. Deliveries are made in a timely manner..”  Bridget Legg - Dorset 5-stars


June 2018  “..Straightforward to order and quick delivery with no product problems - happy..”  Lindsay Corr - Scotland 5-stars


June 2018  “..Excellent service..”  Beverley Nealon - Wales 5-stars


June 2018  “..Very quick service, happy with the customer service and delivery..”  Marie Pitts - Hampshire 4-stars


June 2018  “..Very helpful and efficient. Had a problem with the cartridge when it arrived, it had leaked. This was replaced and another sent out, nothing was a problem..”  Irene Collinson - Northumberland 4-stars


June 2018  “..Quick and efficient service. Very polite and friendly staff member who listened to my requirements, advised best pricing and expedited the order to arrive the following day. Will use again. Thank you..”  Patricia Crilly - Surrey 5-stars


June 2018  “..Very good service, especially regarding Franking Labels..”  Christine Fitzsimons - Merseyside 5-stars


June 2018  “..Always receive a very good service. Inks are reasonable priced and the sales teams are friendly and helpful..”  Frazer Booth - Staffordshire 4-stars


June 2018  “..My experience has been very good. The customer representatives are always very pleasant and helpful over the phone. Any items ordered was dispatched very promptly..”  Anne Lescalier - Bedfordshire 5-stars


June 2018  “..We ordered an ink cartridge which we haven't used yet but price, service and speed of delivery were excellent. We are assuming the cartridge will be good quality..”  Angie Sheridan - Cumbria 5-stars


May 2018  “..Since being in my current position I have had contact with [Account Manager] a couple of times and placed one order. [Account Manager] is very nice and helpful. My order wasn't urgent but arrived quickly. As far as I am aware, as a company, we have had no complaints or issues with Link Mailing Systems and will continue to use you..”  Di Isted - East Sussex 5-stars


May 2018  “..Regular contact from sales to check on ink usage and labels but no hard sell which is what I like..”  Emma Fox - Kent 5-stars


May 2018  “..Never had any problems regarding placing orders etc. [Account Manager] is always very helpful in answering any queries..”  Lindsay Young - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


May 2018  “..Always deal with [Account Manager] who is always pleasant, helpful and very efficient. Had no problems to date and will continue to purchase from Link Mailing as I have never experienced a pushy arrogant sales person..”  Olivia Poll - Lancashire 5-stars


May 2018  “..Very quick, good and efficient service..”  Mel Brooks - Norfolk 5-stars


May 2018  “..Pleasant experience and very helpful sales executive..”  Medhat Karim - Middlesex 5-stars


May 2018  “..Very efficient and friendly..”  Wendy Rowland - West Sussex 5-stars


May 2018  “..Very fast delivery goods products..”  Melanie Bell - Northamptonshire 5-stars


May 2018  “..Communication is good on ordering and the products arrive promptly..”  Julie Baldwin - South Yorkshire 4-stars


May 2018  “..Fast and efficient delivery..”  Lynette McSorley - Scotland 5-stars


May 2018  “..I have always found your service prompt and professional. My contact is [Account Manager] who is friendly and helpful and keeps in regular contact to ensure I have enough supplies..”  Vanessa Hillman - Middlesex 5-stars


May 2018  “..Ordered and delivered. prompt service..”  Carrol O'Neill - Gloucestershire 5-stars


May 2018  “..Very efficient..”  Andrea Storey - Lancashire 5-stars


May 2018  “..Very good and prompt service - keep it up..”  Maxine Anderson - Berkshire 5-stars


May 2018  “..[Account Manager] was great got the goods on time - unfortunately they would not work I contacted her and she arranged for {Custoner Service] to call me to sort out immediately - he was fantastic told me what to do on the machine - it worked - very very happy with the service received second to none - would highly recommend to friends and colleagues to use your services..”  Jas Sangha - Scotland 5-stars


May 2018  “..Always very pleasant and helpful. Good efficient service..”  Rosalind Wort - Devon 5-stars


May 2018  “..Very fast efficient service - product came a day or two after order and people I speak to at Link Mailing are nice, polite people!..”  Tom Dallaway - West Midlands 4-stars


April 2018  “..Brilliant. quick and easy to deal with..”  Robert McDonald - West Yorkshire 5-stars


April 2018  “..I was very happy with the service from Link Mailing. I ordered franking machine labels, which arrived promptly and the price was good. I will be happy to order from you in the future..”  Christine Banks - Merseyside 5-stars


April 2018  “..No problems - quick delivery...polite staff and efficient..”  Julia Powell - Oxfordshire 4-stars


April 2018  “..First time using Link Mailing Systems...very professional and good customer service..”  Charity Taylor - Scotland 5-stars


April 2018  “..Continuous efficient service, regular calls to check our stock levels. Swift delivery following order. [Account Manager] is always polite and cheery..”  Carol Walton-Grant - Warwickshire 4-stars


April 2018  “..Always an excellent service received from Link Mailing - [Account Manager] who looks after our account is extremely always helpful and kind over the telephone and I always enjoy having a quick catch up when they phone in and check if our resources are okay.  Massive thank you to both for their excellent customer service :-)..”  Chelsea Gard - Avon 5-stars


April 2018  “..Order placed correctly, advised and asked to confirm and also goods arrived promptly..”  Pam Hurndell - Leicestershire 5-stars


April 2018  “..Excellent customer service. I am always informed of special offers and next day delivery is very convenient for those times of urgency..”  Guilherme Souza - London 5-stars


April 2018  “..Very satisfied with the experience, our [Account Manager] is lovely and easy to deal with she makes the whole ordering experience very pleasant, delighted with the costs and products provided also fast delivery so no waiting around if your desperate for the ink..”  Andy Margrave - West Yorkshire 5-stars


April 2018  “..Very efficient and prompt delivery..”  Heather Doggett - Suffolk 4-stars


April 2018  “..Ordering was very easy, straight forward and [Account Manager]  was so lovely..”  Natasha Burdett - London 5-stars


March 2018  “..Very good service..”  Megan Broadbent - West Yorkshire5-stars


March 2018  “..Good friendly service - on the ball and pleasant to deal with..”  Penny Perrin - Cambridgeshire 4-stars


March 2018  “..Great Customer Service, cheap & Quick delivery..”  James Tettmar - Surrey 5-stars


March 2018  “..Very satisfied..”  Ian Jones - Lancashire 5-stars


March 2018  “..Everyone I have spoken to has been professional and helpful.  There's never any pressure to buy.  There's never been an issue with the toners i.e faulty / damaged / leaking.  Goods usually arrive the following day ...Excellent service..”  Jo Steedman - Lancashire 5-stars


March 2018  “..[Account Manager]  is very helpful. I don't have to remember to order supplies as she regularly contacts us. Products are of a high quality..”  Heather King - London 5-stars


March 2018  “..Very friendly staff, always keeps me up to date with all the latest offer. prompt delivery services..”  Allie Wright - North Yorkshire 5-stars


March 2018  “..Very efficient service..”  Laurie Wright - Northern Ireland 4-stars


March 2018  “..The service offered is excellent and very efficient.The product quality is good and reasonably priced with offers provided.  Overall Customer Service is very satisfying..”  Samir Popatkar - Lancashire 5-stars


March 2018  “..I have only ever had to order Ink cartridges and stickers from Link Mailing and found them to be competitively priced. However in my opinion [Account Manager]  is Link Mailing. She was the only person I ever dealt with and she is very polite, efficient, not pushy, and she is just the nicest person to have as customer care. I have many companies phoning trying to get custom, but it was [Account Manager]  that kept me with Link Mailing. Once my order was placed it arrived very efficiently and I was very pleased with the whole experience..”  Maureen Da Gama - Hampshire 5-stars


March 2018  “..Very polite and helpful service. Good prices and quick delivery.  Many thanks..”  Diane Somerfield - West Midlands 5-stars


March 2018  “..Great..”  Carol Johnsom - Hampshire 5-stars


March 2018  “..Always a friendly and helpful service...Thank you..”  Sinead Hodgson - Devon 5-stars


March 2018  “..Very good service thank you..”  Zac French - Lancashire 5-stars


March 2018  “..Cheaper than Pitney Bowes..”  Daniel Matthews - West Yorkshire 5-stars


March 2018  “..Always very helpful and patient whatever the problem. Deliveries are prompt. We have dealt with your company for quite a long time now and have never had any problems with staff..”  Jenny Joners - Surrey 5-stars


March 2018  “..[Account Manager]  is the name of the person I speak to. Always find her very pleasant..”  Janet Rhodes - West Midlands 5-stars


February 2018  “..We placed an urgent order over the phone which you promptly dispatched by courier as we were desperate for the items and knowing that we were a reliable customer you also agreed to trust us to follow this up with our order in writing together with an order number.  We were extremely pleased when this package arrived as promised and that we were given time to get our administrative side of the order in place.  Excellent service..”  Janine Emm - Hampshire 5-stars


February 2018  “..Everything is good.  I regularly get calls from your cheerful colleague [Account Manager] but as we are a very small team we don't get through our stock of labels very quickly so I have not yet ordered these.  Several boxes were bought in the past and we are still working our way through those.  We received our recent order of ink cartridges quickly and the process was dealt with efficiently..”  Alexandra Spyra - London 5-stars


February 2018  “..Very good experience, prompt delivery and excellent customer service.  Would recommend..”  Jane Williams - Norfolk 5-stars


February 2018  “..We have been very impressed with the level of service from Link Mailing..”  Angela Gibson - Berkshire 5-stars


February 2018  “..[Account Manager] keeps in touch on a regular basis.  Always very polite and not pushy..”  Kim Redfern - Warwickshire 5-stars


February 2018  “..Very friendly and very quick in receiving order..”  Linda Kernan - Essex 5-stars


February 2018  “..Very happy with overall service..”  Hayley Tourle - Suffolk 4-stars


February 2018  “..When prompted by [Account Manager] asking if we required any franking machine cartridges it was timely for us to place an order.  The discount offered was good and the information and confirmation emails received were efficient and accurate.  Delivery was fast.  Overall the experience was very good..”  Janet Cole - Sussex 4-stars


February 2018  “..[Account Manager] is an absolute pleasure to do business with efficient friendly and totally helpful.  Long may it continue..”  Roger Allen - Northamptonshire 5-stars


February 2018  “..Very good service at all times.  [Account Manager]  has looked after us for a number of years and as always been pleasant and helpfulI..I would always recommend Link Mailing Systems..”  Angie Rollings - Yorkshire 5-stars


February 2018  “..We are always very pleased with the friendly and speedy service we receive.  The team are extremely polite and helpful...”  Ali Walker - Yorkshire 4-stars


February 2018  “..Excellent service and customer service..”  Kerry Palmer - Wiltshire 5-stars


February 2018  “..Service is to a good standard and all enquires are handled quickly and courteously..”  David Blair - Scotland 4-stars


February 2018  “..Always pleased with Link Mailing.  They deliver promptly and are very competitive on price..”  Linda Farquhar - Dorset 4-stars


February 2018  “..Easy and quick to order items that I am running out of..”  Susan Lee - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


February 2018  “..Great Service..”  Shaye Kelly - Derbyshire 4-stars


February 2018  “..Very good and easy to use..”  Rebecca Cowan - Yorkshire 5-stars


February 2018  “..Very polite quick and easy service..”  Kerry Coombs - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


February 2018  “..Good customer service..”  Lilly Gupta - Essex 5-stars


January 2018  “..I have been purchasing from Link Mailing Systems personally for nearly a year now although our company has been doing so for much longer and have had nothing but a positive experience.  No complaints whatsoever. [Account Manager] who handles our account is wonderfully helpful and always a joy to speak to..”  Lisa Walsh - Lancashire 5-stars


January 2018  “..Excellent service, especially from [Account Manager] who is professional, always on the ball and delivers an extremely efficient service.  She calls often to ensure that we have enough supplies and reminds us to check our supplies and always with a friendly chat so thank you to [Account Manager]..”  Paula Holtham - West Midlands 5-stars


January 2018  “..I dealt with [Account Manager] who was brilliant and very quick with delivery.  Great service overall.  Will definitely use again..”  Christine Grier - Scotland 5-stars


January 2018  “..Always helpful efficient friendly staff.  Nothing is too much trouble.  I always deal with [Account Manager] and can not praise her enough.  Thank you..”  Rose Kamaris - London 5-stars


January 2018  “..The staff are always helpful and courteous.  They are a pleasure to deal with.  Thank you..”  Wilma Bowles - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


January 2018  “..All good..”  Jan Moss - Yorkshire 4-stars


January 2018  “..Our contact is extremely helpful and orders are always on time..”  Lorraine Essl - Essex 5-stars


January 2018  “..Easy to order, quick delivery, helpful staff..”  Stacey Brine - Hampshire 5-stars


January 2018  “..Good service and fast delivery of goods..”  Kathy Scott - West Yorkshire 5-stars


January 2018  “..Fast, efficient delivery..”  Marie Lewis - Wales 5-stars


January 2018  “..I have a very good working relationship with [Account Manager] and all is good..”  Dave Talbot - West Midlands 5-stars


January 2018  “..Excellent service..”  Sahar Deshmukh - Lancashire 5-stars


January 2018  “..Quick and efficient..”  Sharon Smith - Lancashire 5-stars


December 2017  “..Always very good..Very efficient service..”  Jane Kitchener - Hertfordshire 5-stars


December 2017  “..Staff were very polite and professional on the phone and print cartridges arrived just a couple of days later..”  Jeannette Docherty - Middlesex 5-stars


December 2017  “..Very good..Thank you..”  Patricia Jones - Herefordshire 5-stars


December 2017  “..Very professional..”  Susan Stewart - Scotland 5-stars


December 2017  “..Great service..Fast and prompt.  Dealing with [Account Manager] who's very helpful and friendly..”  Aoh Summers - Essex 5-stars


December 2017  “..Fast efficient and friendly service..”  Cathy Teeboon - Leicestershire 5-stars


December 2017  “..I ordered some labels, the delivery was quick, the items were as described and good value and [Account Manager] is a very helpful sales person. Thanks..”  Louise Fyffe - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


December 2017  “..I have always been happy with the service provided..”  Georgina Cooper - Surrey 5-stars


December 2017  “..Very good company to deal with.  [Account Manager]  is always polite and extremely efficient..”  Andrea Storey - Lancashire 5-stars


December 2017  “..Always receive the order on time as promised.  [Account Manager] very helpful and pleasant.  Knowledgeable on goods available..”  Ann Walters - Derbyshire 5-stars


December 2017  “..Very pleased with the regular calls from [Account Manager] and service is outstanding..”  David Godwin - Kent 5-stars


December 2017  “..Very good.  Excellent service and very helpful staff..Had initial problem installing ink cartridge to our franking machine.  The problem was quickly resolved and [Account Manager] and your customer service department were excellent in helping resolve the issue..”  Liam Mattimore - Leicestershire 5-stars


December 2017  “..Happy with the service provided...”  Linda Pollard - Yorkshire 5-stars


November 2017  “..The best customer service.  After using Link Mailing I realised we had been given a poor second class service from our previous supplier..”  Mandy Morris - London 5-stars


November 2017  “..Easy to order from.  Always gives information in full and easy to understand any promotions that are on..”  Kaitlyn Winter - Cheshire 5-stars


November 2017  “..Very helpful and offer competitive prices.  Link mailing seem very organised and advise of offers available..”  Yvonne Collings - Nottinghamshire 4-stars


November 2017  “..My experience with Link Mailing was extremely positive.  I contacted Link Mailing after receiving a very high quote from Pitney Bowes.  I am very happy to say that Link Mailing were able to save me [money] in comparison to Pitney Bowes.  [Account Manager] was extremely helpful and polite and a pleasure to deal with..”  Linzi Hennessey - Lancashire 5-stars


November 2017  “..First time of ordering since I started..Was forwarded an email from previous person who did the ordering. Sent an email inquiring about price/deals available etc.  Informed of price and deal within minutes and ordered straight away. Arrived promptly...”  Dani Vessey - South Yorkshire 5-stars


November 2017  “..Great customer service.  [Account Manager] is great with keeping us up to date on offers and deals.  Very easy to place our orders and we receive our items very quick.  Overall very pleasant experience with Link Mailing Systems..”  Gemma Dickson - Northern Ireland 5-stars


November 2017  “..Great friendly service..Most often next day delivery...Great service 10/10 :)..”  Jo Steedman - Lancashire 5-stars


November 2017  “..Excellent..”  Deana Mironska - Berkshire 5-stars


November 2017  “..Cartridge wasn't working properly but we got it replaced very easily and quickly.  Thanks..”  Martin Wagner - London 5-stars


November 2017  “..Very quick and efficient.  Item as expected..”  Elizabeth Jacques - Berkshire 5-stars


November 2017  “..Superb service...Next day delivery...Very pleased with customer service..”  Cathy Johnson - Gloucestershire 55-stars


November 2017  “..Very efficient, lovely service, and everything we ordered arrived promptly :-)..”  Sarah Wiskin - Oxfordshire 5-stars


November 2017  “..Very good, fast delivery, good franking..”  Hannah Devlin-Chisnall - Cambridgeshire 5-stars


November 2017  “..Always efficient and helpful..”  Louise Graham - Northamptonshire 4-stars


November 2017  “..Great service, delivery..”  Deborah Knights - Kent 55-stars


November 2017  “..Always good polite service on the telephone and quick delivery..”  Tracey Crew - Lincolnshire 4-stars


November 2017  “..Good service, quick delivery. I would recommend..”  Janice Harvey - Essex 5-stars


November 2017  “..I have only had minimal contact but find the staff I have spoken to to be helpful and polite..”  Frazer Booth - Staffordshire 4-stars


November 2017  “..Great service!..”  Emma Davies - Lancashire 4-stars


November 2017  “..No problems so far.  Helpful staff.  Friendly...”  Leigh Sutherby - Hampshire 4-stars


November 2017  “..Friendly staff.  Fast and reliable service.  Great customer service..”  Kathy Jackson - Wales 4-stars


November 2017  “..Very good thank you..”  Justyna Kociolek - Cheshire 4-stars


October 2017  “..My experience of dealing with and therefore opinion of Link Mailing Systems has always been extremely positive.  The customer service provided is excellent and the products ordered are always wonderful quality and arrive punctually.  I am resultantly very pleased with my experience of Link Mailing Systems and would happily recommend placing orders with them in future..”  Luke John Pinder - West Midlands 5-stars


October 2017  “..Very quick and efficient. Order takes less than 2 mins on the phone and arrives the next day..”  Nim Sivaratnam - Middlesex 4-stars


October 2017  “..Regular phone calls to check up on us are always made.  Very handy as I never have to call.  Polite and fast delivery of all orders placed..”  Lucy Hill - Hampshire 5-stars


October 2017  “..Very patient waiting for me to place an order.  Have placed first order and as wrong size kindly in process of replacing so all very good and very helpful..”  Louise Parker - West Midlands 4-stars


October 2017  “..Always very efficient when we place an order with them.  All items despatched on time and we also receive when we have asked for them to be delivered.  Normally receive a monthly phone call from [Account Manager] asking if we need further supplies..”  Andy Lyon - London 5-stars


October 2017  “..Friendly knowledgeable staff...Regular reminders for ordering are much appreciated…Prompt deliveries..”  Karen Clayton - West Midlands 5-stars


October 2017  “..Very pleased with your service.  Good product..”  Kristina - London 5-stars


October 2017  “..Staff very helpful..”  Yvonne Collins - County Durham 5-stars


October 2017  “..I have been pleased with the quality of the blue postal ink cartridges.  I deal with [Account Manager] who is always pleasant and helpful..”  Linda Twyman - Norfolk 4-stars


October 2017  “..The whole process was very streamlined.  I just emailed what I wanted.  The price was already saved from when we ordered before and it was delivered without problems.  Very impressed..”  Liam Olding - Suffolk 5-stars


October 2017  “..Great..”  Sue Townshend - Wales 5-stars


October 2017  “..Very Positive.  [Account Manager] is a great help..”  Jason Nicholson - Belfast 5-stars


October 2017  “..Always receive a very friendly service..”  Charlotte Alderson - Hampshire 4-stars


October 2017  “..The ladies are very friendly and helpful.  We received our supplies very quick and with no hassle.  Can't fault anything..”  Tracy Frost - Hampshire 4-stars


October 2017  “..Very friendly and helpful staff via phone and email.  We received a great deal on the products and it was a quick delivery..”  Rachel Renwick - Norfolk 5-stars


October 2017  “..Excellent service..”  David Jones - London 5-stars


October 2017  “..Very quick and efficient..”  Maggy Buntin - Suffolk 4-stars


October 2017  “..Fast delivery, good price, special thank you to sales person..”  Olha Sumtsova - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


September 2017  “..Very good service and prompt delivery..”  Rachel Cole - Cumbria 5-stars


September 2017  “..Very good customer service...Helpful and efficient.  Thanks..”  Melanie Coe - Yorkshire 5-stars


September 2017  “..All fine...Service quick and ordering easy..”  Judi Yates - Leicestershire 4-stars


September 2017  “..Very efficient..”  Julia Rudd - Hampshire 5-stars


September 2017  “..Quick delivery...Cartridge as described...Thanks..”  Gillian Carter - Oxfordshire 5-stars


September 2017  “..Very speedy service...Great value and helpful customer service..”  Dene Gelder - North Humberside 4-stars


September 2017  “..Always professional friendly and helpful..”  Martha McCann - Scotland 5-stars


September 2017  “..All round good experience of ordering from Link Mailing...Sales colleague very polite and professional...Good received on time..”  Julie Melia - Avon 4-stars


August 2017  “..Fantastic...Everyone I have spoken to understands their job there...Any problems or concerns are instantly resolved in a polite and successful way on both parts.  All credit to Link Mailing for employing excellent staff..”  Mandy Morris - London 5-stars


August 2017  “..Very pleased with the service.  Representative on phone was flexible, knowledgeable, polite and courteous at all times.  Shipping was rapid and product was exactly what was needed..”  Alan Frost - Essex 5-stars


August 2017  “..Link Mailing systems provides a service and products relatively better than the other competitions.  Thanks..”  Augustine Adu - London 5-stars


August 2017  “..Exceptional service...Next day delivery is fantastic..”  Selina Cooke - Scotland 5-stars


August 2017  “..I was originally sent the wrong cartridge however this was replaced with next day delivery and the unused cartridge was collected...No hassle for me.  Many thanks for the kind service..”  Wesley Alison - Essex 4-stars


August 2017  “..[Account Manager] who I speak to on a regular basis is really helpful and friendly.  She replies to my emails when I do place an order quickly and gives me all the information I require..”  Lesley O'Donnell - West Yorkshire 5-stars


August 2017  “..Friendly and fast service.  Thank You...”  Christina Bone - Scotland 5-stars


August 2017  “..Easy to use website...Good prices and fast delivery..”  Tracy Jones - Lancashire 5-stars


August 2017  “..Good service...Calls every so often to remind me and tells me of special offers...Arrives quickly..”  Brenda Morris - Scotland 5-stars


August 2017  “..Very helpful..Very relaxed and kind.  Would recommend to anyone...”  Jake Saunders - Northamptonshire 5-stars


August 2017  “..Very helpful and professional people..”  Kate Bishop - Hampshire 5-stars


August 2017  “..Very good professional service from the call the price and the next day delivery!..”  Tina Griffiths - Merseyside 5-stars


August 2017  “..100% HAPPY..”  Karen Govey - Hampshire 5-stars


August 2017  “..I have found Link Mailing to be very helpful and promt with their deliveries also very quick to deal with any queries..”  Christine Foley - Wales 55-stars


August 2017  “..Excellent service from [Account Manager] prompt courteous and friendly manner..”  Dean Brown - London 5-stars


August 2017  “..I found the service to be very good.  I will be using you in the future for my mailing needs.  Excellent service and good value for money..”  Frazer Booth - Staffordshire 5-stars


July 2017  “..Great staff, great discount and product.  All in all Fantastic service!..”  Hortence Henry - Middlesex 5-stars


July 2017  “..Excellent service, excellent product, excellent price.  Difficult to say more really.  Will continue to use your service..”  Justin Dunn - Surrey 55-stars


July 2017  “..I have always received a professional service from Link Mailing Systems.  [Account Manager] rings me on a regular basis to check we are well stocked.  She also keeps me up to date with the latest offers..”  Gillian Larkin - Derbyshire 5-stars


July 2017  “..Always polite and helpful..”  Sarah Stronghill - Kent 5-stars


July 2017  “..If the prices stay competitive then will certainly use again..”  Ann Walters - Derbyshire 5-stars


July 2017  “..Very friendly and efficient.  Items delivered next day.  We had a faulty cartridge and a replacement was sent immediately with no hassle..”  Derek Neilson - Scotland 5-stars


July 2017  “..Excellent and efficient service at a great price..”  Maria Latham - Cheshire 5-stars


July 2017  “..EXCELLENT!..”  Sharon Smith - Lancashire 5-stars


July 2017  “..I have always been happy with the service I receive from Link Mailing Systems.  Thank you..”  Sharon Van Hemert - Merseyside 5-stars


July 2017  “..[Account Manager] calls me and emails me on a regular basis.  He is always very polite.  Your delivery service is very quick and a good company to deal with..”  Suzanne Minter - Kent 5-stars


July 2017  “..Found the whole process very easy..”  Alan Rogers - West Midlands 4-stars


July 2017  “..Excellent Service..”  Janette Weir - Yorkshire 5-stars


July 2017  “..Very good..”  Diane Starr Savage - Avon 5-stars


July 2017  “..Very positive and professional..”  Juanita Day - Middlesex 4-stars


June 2017  “..It has always been a pleasure to order our labels and ink from your company especially [Account Manager] who has always been very helpful and obliging over the past years..”  June Laughlan - Merseyside 5-stars


June 2017  “..Fast efficient service.  Would not hesitate to use again..”  Susan Devereux - London 5-stars


June 2017  “..Placed an order over the phone for some franking ink cartridges and labels, the [Account Manager] was polite and happy nothing worse that a grumpy customer service but this was amazing.  The products arrived very quickly and were perfectly packaged..”  Katie Lee - Lancashire 4-stars


June 2017  “..Pleasant telephone call conversation.  Items arrived within very good time.  Good follow up on order..”  Nicola Clayton-Reid - Gloucestershire 5-stars


June 2017  “..Customer service focused when dealing with any of our orders and we always receive them when promised..”  Andy Lyon - London 5-stars


June 2017  “..Very good...Would recommend...Very fast turnaround..”  Lorraine Essl - Essex 5-stars


June 2017  “..Very efficient...Friendly service..”  Nivette Chester - West Midlands 5-stars


June 2017  “..Very prompt and speedy delivery..”  Janette Maddison - Tyne & Wear 5-stars


June 2017  “..All went well with the order..Arrived on time”  Gloria Jones - Surrey 4-stars


June 2017  “..Very efficient...Thankyou..”  Karen Palframan - Gloucestershire 5-stars


June 2017  “..Excellent service and very professional service..”  Lesley Wardle - Cornwall 5-stars


June 2017  “..Helpful customer service team..”  Zoe Kirk - Staffordshire 4-stars


June 2017  “..I have found your company to be very obliging caring and responsible.  And very prompt in delivering items.  A pleasure to do business with..”  Linda Randell - Wales 5-stars


June 2017  “..The firm puts the customer first and exceeds expectation.  The product offering is also competitive with what rivals offer in the fast changing market.  Hopefully it would continue...”  Augustine Adu - London 5-stars


June 2017  “..Excellent service...Ordered over the phone one day and delivered the next!  Excellently packed and no damage..”  Mandy Ponting - Gloucestershire 5-stars


May 2017  “..Fantastic customer service!  We received a call to ask if we needed any more ink and labels which we did...Then a phone call 24 hours later to ask if the ink and labels had arrived with us...Superb customer service over the phone!..”  Kaitlin Kendall - Northumberland 5-stars


May 2017  “..Excellent service even when getting my courtesy call to check supplies.  I love that I always get the same advisor...[Account Manager] deals with queries professionally and in a speedy manner is warm and friendly and always rememebers what I have said on previous calls...Delivery fast...Could not rate any higher...”  Ilona Geissler - Scotland 5-stars


May 2017  “..Excellent service thank you..”  Maria Latham - Cheshire 5-stars


May 2017  “..Good service...Prompts you when you forget which is always welcome...Very efficient..”  Gloria Saunders - London 5-stars


May 2017  “..Excellent.  Fast Service.  Cartridge arrived in good condition..”  Margaret Maxwell - Scotland 5-stars


May 2017  “..Very helpful and efficient...We had the wrong ink cartridges and customer services were extremely helpful and prompt with sending out replacements..”  Diane Macgregor - Worcestershire 5-stars


May 2017  “..Good communication and fast delivery..”  Tracey Trueman - Hampshire 5-stars


May 2017  “..Good service...[Account Manager] gives us great customer service and always comes on the phone in an efficient and friendly manner.  Delivery of products as promised.  Very good..”  Paul Homer - Lancashire 5-stars


May 2017  “..Great customer service from [Account Manager]...Very helpful..”  Amy Cuthbert - Kent 5-stars


May 2017  “..Whole process was very efficient even after I ordered the wrong item.  Collection and re-delivery was very well managed..”  Jane Speare - Merseyside 5-stars


May 2017  “..Always very helpful and very quick at processing our orders for us..”  Andy Lyon - London 5-stars


April 2017  “..Fantastic service...Friendly staff and fast delivery..”  Sally Carstairs - Leicestershire 5-stars


April 2017  “..I would highly recommend Link Mailing Systems to anyone that needs to use the services provided. The man I spoke to on the phone was very polite and informative. We also received our ink cartridges extremely quickly...”  Emma Goss - Middlesex 5-stars


April 2017  “..Friendly staff great help quick delivery..”  Nicola Morley - Berkshire 5-stars


April 2017  “..Really helpful..”  Ella Allison - Avon 5-stars


April 2017  “..Excellent service..”  Melanie Dean - Wiltshire 4-stars


April 2017  “..Always helpful. Excellent service and quick delivery..”  Simon Fennell - Lancashire 5-stars


April 2017  “..Really good customer service, came back to me with a better offer without being asked...”  Julia Jarvis - Wales 5-stars


April 2017  “..We are very pleased with your service..”  Linda Randall - Wales 5-stars


April 2017  “..Very good and fast delivery..”  Louise Dennison - Wales 5-stars


April 2017  “..Very efficient. [Account Manager] is always pleasant and helpful on the phone. When we order we get the products quickly which is great..”  Hannah Fells - Leicestershire 4-stars


March 2017  “..Item was of the most fantastic quality.  Quick delivery.  High-standard packaging.  Item is of first-rate quality! Speedy to send.  Highly recommended!..”  Dominika Paluch - Bedfordshire 5-stars


March 2017  “..My experience was great, very good on price and customer service.  Very quick delivery and very helpful.  Response to email was very quick and always very polite too.  Very happy customer and products are great too..”  Lindsey Kendrick - Scotland 5-stars


March 2017  “..Very efficient didn't have to wait long for Delivery.  Can't fault you..”  Linda Randell - Wales 5-stars


March 2017  “..Always pleasant to speak with and also great customer service every time..”  Andy Lyon - London 5-stars


March 2017  “..Always fast professional service..”  Deborah Wells - Berkshire 5-stars


March 2017  “..As always I deal directly with [Account Manager], first class customer service..”  Karen Foster - West Yorkshire 5-stars


March 2017  “..Link Mailing have always been very co-operative and when placing orders the goods arrived almost the next day.  They were also very helpful recently over a faulty cartridge and supplied a replacement by return..”  Heather Macan - Devon 5-stars


March 2017  “..My experience has always been pleasant and efficient..”  Vikki Martin - Devon 4-stars


March 2017  “..Very happy with the service we have received so far and always a nice prompt delivery...Keep up the good work..”  Sheree Morgan - West Midlands 5-stars


March 2017  “..Very pleasant customer service.  I spoke with [Account Manager]  who was excellent at getting our cartridges to us quickly after I expressed our dire need for them the next day.  I look forward to doing more business with them in the future… Very pleased with the service!..”  Lisa Walsh - Lancashire 5-stars


March 2017  “..Quick and efficient service..”  Gloria Saunders - London 5-stars


March 2017  “..Very quick and efficient.  I did not have to wait long for my order and all the staff are always helpful..”  Maureen Lomas - Hertfordshire 5-stars


February 2017  “..I deal with Link Mailing for our franking machine ink cartridges.  The staff who call me are always friendly and helpful and I always receive a follow up call to see if my items that I ordered have been dispatched and that I am happy with the product which is nice..”  Amanda Naylor - Merseyside 5-stars


February 2017  “..After getting cold called (something I usually don't make time for) I agreed a very fair price with a very helpful [Account Manager] who promptly sent out our inks.  She was very polite and helpful and maintained email communication throughout the process.  Thanks, will use you again...”  Ali Walker - East Yorkshire 5-stars


February 2017  “..Friendly helpful staff...Efficient delivery of high quality products..”  Jacqueline Carroll - Lancashire 5-stars


February 2017  “..Always dependable..”  Lorraine McGregor - Hertfordshire 5-stars


February 2017  “..Excellent service and team..”  Yvonne Stanton - Oxfordshire 5-stars


February 2017  “..Very friendly and helpful and a fast delivery service..”  June Wellings - Warwickshire 5-stars


February 2017  “..Great service..”  Sarah Murphy - Nottinghamshire 4-stars


February 2017  “..Very friendly staff and good sales pattern..”  Rosemary Allen - Northern Ireland 4-stars


February 2017  “..Link Mailing have been very helpful.  We had a problem with one of our cartridges and they sent a replacement out straight away.  Thank you..”  Paula Smith - Middlesex 5-stars


February 2017  “..Efficient order placed and goods received within a couple of days..”  Jean Rooms - Bedfordshire 5-stars


February 2017  “..Link Mailing Systems are a polite, friendly and efficient service..”  Sudash Kanda - West Midlands 4-stars


February 2017  “..Very helpful and prompt delivery..”  Janet Byng - Worcestershire 5-stars


February 2017  “..The staff are always very friendly and efficient..”  Lynn Peachey - Oxfordshire 5-stars


January 2017  “..Very good customer service and prompt delivery.  Always friendly and helpful.  Timely reminders of when ink may be running low.  They don't pester, they ring just at the right time and provide a written price quote and give me time to think and get it authorised.  Less expensive that original Neopost cartridges and we have never had a problem with the ink cartridges..”  Kim Burchell - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


January 2017  “..One word - Perfect..”  Sharon Freeman - Worcestershire 5-stars


January 2017  “..Efficient and friendly..”  Anita Hall - Staffordshire 4-stars


January 2017  “..Fast efficient service and excellent customer service..”  Karen Foster - West Yorkshire 5-stars


January 2017  “..Very pleased with the service that I received and the very prompt delivery..”  Karen Spong - Essex 5-stars


January 2017  “..Always an excellent efficient service..”  Maria Latham - Cheshire 5-stars


January 2017  “..Very efficient and friendly service..”  Susan Francis - Middlesex 5-stars


January 2017  “..Excellent. Very courteous, not pushy and very quick delivery times..”  Neil Seabridge - Cambridgeshire 5-stars


January 2017  “..Good quality certainly compatible with our original suppliers product.  Prices are also good and much lower than our original supplier…Thank you..”  Shirley King-Vaughan - London 4-stars


January 2017  “..I find that my Account Manager looks after me very well...Always contacts me to see if I need anything..”  Jade Robinson - Merseyside 5-stars


January 2017  “..Very efficient service..”  Joyce Purslow - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


January 2017  “..Very helpful and friendly staff. Good product and fast delivery..”  Martin Forryan - Kent 5-stars


January 2017  “..Our company has had a very pleasant experience with Link Mailing Systems..”  Ashleigh Ellman - London 4-stars


January 2017  “..Good service and good deal…Thank you..”  Lucy Smith - Middlesex 4-stars


January 2017  “..Following issues with my printer inks I had a smooth experience in replacing these inks. It was very professional and quick..”  Anna Wern - Hampshire 4-stars


January 2017  “..Always been on time and never had any issues.  [Account Manager] is always very polite and helpful..”  Claire Hutchinson - West Yorshire 5-stars


December 2016  “..I sent a request through our contact at Link Mailing.  She was able to give us the same quote as last time and provided excellent customer service as always.  Our inks came the next day in perfect condition..”  Amy Jones - County Durham 5-stars


December 2016  “..Excellent experience.  Quick and easy...Ordered over the phone.  Efficient services and quick delivery..”  Katie Way - Wales 5-stars


December 2016  “..Very efficient company...Service was excellent...The staff are always extremely helpful and most importantly they know their products..”  Sandra Bannister - London 5-stars


December 2016  “..Excellent service and very prompt delivery..”  Sue Wall - Wales 5-stars


December 2016  “..Excellent service..”  Brenda Thexton - Cumbria 5-stars


December 2016  “..Link Mailing are a very nice company to deal with.  The people on the phone are most accommodating and will do whatever they can to sort any problems out for you..”  Barbara Elder - Wales 5-stars


December 2016  “..Couldn't be happier with the service that Link Mailing Systems have given me.  Quality products and friendly helpful staff who have assisted me with my recent purchases and enquiries.  Many thanks...”  Jacqueline Carroll - Lancashire 5-stars


December 2016  “..Good customer service.  Merry Christmas!!..”  Gemma Jackson - Oxfordshire 4-stars


December 2016  “..Very good and prompt with items..”  Marcia Elliot - Bedfordshire 5-stars


December 2016  “..Link Mailing are awesome at reminding me that I need to order!..”  Linda Crossley - North Yorkshire 4-stars


December 2016  “..Always have had really good service..”  Maggie Wright - Wales 5-stars


December 2016  “..Quick delivery and good value for money..”  Pat Horsley - Essex 4-stars


December 2016  “..Very efficient..”  Linda Evans - London 5-stars


December 2016  “..Helpful and efficient..”  Leslie Mahoney - Berkshire 4-stars


December 2016  “..Very friendly staff always willing to help..”  Fiona Gilbert - Essex 5-stars


November 2016  “..I am very happy with the compatible inks that we have bought off Link Mailing in the past.  It is a good product and at a very good price and the service is excellent..”  Julie Goodland - Devon 5-stars


November 2016  “..Very helpful and pleasant.  You are not pushy and check for the best price for us.  Delivery is very prompt.  It is nice that you keep in touch with us every few months so you are there for us when we need you..”  Yvonne Collings - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


November 2016  “..Always very friendly helpful staff…Quick delivery…Great service..”  Trudy Warburton - Lancashire 5-stars


November 2016  “..Overall experience with Link Mailing is positive.  The costs are good as are the delivery timings…The sales team that do call are very polite..”  Ellis Rigby - West Midlands 4-stars


November 2016  “..Always a pleasure to deal with. There is no sales pressure and [Account Manager] whom I deal with is always polite and helpful…He always rings and checks to see if I need any more cartridges etc..”  Clare Pierce - West Yorkshire 5-stars


November 2016  “..Great...[Account Manager] was very pleasant and helpful.  Delivery was very fast as well..”  Michelle Gardiner - Scotland 5-stars


November 2016  “..Very happy and pleased with your services.  Very efficient and prompt.  Also very helpful and informative and friendly.  Excellent..”  Mr Samir Popatkar - Lancashire 5-stars


November 2016  “..Excellent service..”  Angie Exley - Hampshire 5-stars


November 2016  “..No issues...Happy to use again once stocks are low..”  Olivia Bainbridge - North Yorkshire 5-stars


November 2016  “..I feel Link Mailing are a good service to use..”  Emily Mae Lawrence - Cumbria 5-stars


November 2016  “..I spoke to [Account Manager]  who was excellent.  We received the incorrect cartridges and he sorted the replacements for us.  Thank you for all your help..”  Sharon Ellis - Devon 5-stars


November 2016  “..[Account Manager] was very polite and helpful...She ensured I would be receiving the correct ink cartridges for my franking machine and made the whole process smooth and easy..”  Sharon Freeman - Worcestershire 5-stars


November 2016  “..Very positive experience..”  Fiona McComb - Northern Ireland 5-stars


November 2016  “..Very good customer service throughout the time we have been ordering from Link Mailing Systems..”  Christine Fitzsimons - Merseyside 5-stars


November 2016  “..Excellent service..”  Pauline Rhodes - West Midlands 5-stars


November 2016  “..Always prompt service and goods delivered when they should arrive..”  Marcia Elliott - Bedfordshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..There was no pressurised selling but a very easy and comfortable phone call and conversation.  [Account Manager] introduced herself and company and explained the call regarding labels and ink for our franking machine.  I was amazed at the cost which was substantially cheaper than what I had been paying although I thought maybe the items would not be compatible however I ordered to test the products out and have been ordering since.  Very good customer service and the costs have been sustained..”  Shirley King-Vaughan - London 5-stars


October 2016  “..The sale was due to [Account Manager]'s telephone call.  She was proactive polite and helpful and thoroughly pleasant.  The cartridge arrived the next day.  I am more than happy with the service provided..”  Wilma Bowles - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..Great communication...Speedy replies and amazing price.  Overall infallible service.  Thank you..”  Abi Gabb - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..100% satisfied!..”  Lorraine Essl - Essex 5-stars


October 2016  “..Always excellent service from [Account Manager]!  Very polite and helpful.  We always find the products good quality and competitively priced..”  Jackie Vasey - Lincolnshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..One indicator of how good a supplier is is how they react when things don't go right and Link Mailing Systems showed themselves to be very good indeed..”  Michael Cartwright - Nottinghamshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..Excellent service both in Sales and Delivery.  Very approachable...and offered a price we could afford..”  Samantha Clark - Lincolnshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..Quick response to questions.  Excellent value for money and quality products for the franking machine.  A high standard of service with next business day delivery..”  Gordon MacBean - London 5-stars


October 2016  “..Very good customer service and fast delivery..”  Karen Bannister - Shetland 5-stars


October 2016  “..Fast and efficient service...Good value for money...Recommended..”  Jodie Leonard - South Yorkshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..Easy to order.  Quick delivery..”  Robert McDonald - West Yorkshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..I deal with [Account Manager] on a regular basis and my requests are always dealt with very promptly..”  David Talbot - West Midlands 5-stars


October 2016  “..Excellent service.  No problems whatsoever..”  Mary Palionis - West Yorkshire 4-stars


October 2016  “..Very Good Service...We can order as we require...Order placed...Easy and fast delivery..”  Diane Shaw - Staffordshire 4-stars


October 2016  “..Excellent service...Very friendly helpful staff and quick delivery...Cannot complain at all..”  India Wood - Cumbria 5-stars


October 2016  “..My contact has always been [Account Manager]...She is very pleasant..”  Karen Foster - West Yorkshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..Fast service...Great products...Great customer service..”  Vicky/Sonia - Derbyshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..I placed an order and the goods arrived..”  Phil Llewellyn - Avon 4-stars


October 2016  “..Very friendly and polite customer service ensuring a quick and easy order and payment process.  Delivery was quick and the order was exactly as described..”  Fiona Gemmell - Scotland 5-stars


October 2016  “..Quick and efficient experience.  Many thanks..”  Audrey Anderson - Scotland 5-stars


October 2016  “..The service is exceptional and meets our expectation.  Please keep it up!..”  Augustine Adu - London 5-stars


October 2016  “..Always polite and helpful on the telephone...Goods arrive the next day and a lot cheaper than other companies who supply the same goods..”  Anne Putney - Bedfordshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..Very good..”  Gillian McAffee - London 4-stars


October 2016  “..Quick efficient and friendly..”  Teshia - Hertfordshire 4-stars


October 2016  “..[Account Manager] dealt with my order very speedily...Excellent service...Thank you..”  Sandra Cook - Berkshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..Fast service..”  Jean O'Connor - West Yorkshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..The [Account Manager] I spoke to was lovely as always and the service is excellent!!  Very pleased...”  Louise Day - Hertfordshire 5-stars


October 2016  “..My order was handled in an efficient and courteous way and delivery was promised and achieved the next working day…A good service...”  John F Leggett - Dorset 5-stars


October 2016  “..Quick and easy.  All went through smoothly..”  Janice Jordan - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


September 2016  “..Efficient.  Quick delivery and franking ink is compatible and works well in our franking machine..”  Kathy Plaster - Avon 5-stars


September 2016  “..Helpful and friendly..”  Jo Steedman - Lancashire 5-stars


September 2016  “..Prompt attention to orders placed and quick delivery..”  Christine Mandleberg - West Midlands 5-stars


September 2016  “..Link Mailing are very good and your staff are very pleasant and efficient..”  Linda Jackson - South Yorkshire 5-stars


September 2016  “..Quick and happy with purchase..”  Janette Maddison - Tyne & Wear 5-stars


September 2016  “..Always friendly with a speedy service..”  Dee Law - Scotland 5-stars


September 2016  “..Excellent Service..”  Julie Cowperthwaite - Cumbria 5-stars


September 2016  “..I have been very pleased with the service provided by Link Mailing.  A replacement ink for a faulty one was replaced the following day.  The customer service team are always very friendly and helpful...I'm never in fear of running low on stock.  No complaints whatsoever :)..”  Jo Olsen - West Yorkshire 5-stars


September 2016  “..I had a great experience ordering my ink cartridges from Link Mailing Systems.  They were very efficient and prompt..”  Fiona McComb - Northern Ireland 5-stars


September 2016  “..Polite and courteous sales staff.  Quick delivery..”  Annette Powles - Gloucestershire 4-stars


September 2016  “..We have got what was said on the tin..”  Miles Awdry - Buckinghamshire 4-stars


September 2016  “..Excellent service from phone call to delivery..”  Shirley Norton - Lincolnshire 5-stars


September 2016  “..Very Helpful and willing staff..”  Helen Ticehurst - Surrey 4-stars


September 2016  “..Very Happy.  Dealing with [Account Manager]...For future orders I would like to make [Account Manager] my main contact..”  Lee Bradley - Middlesex 5-stars


September 2016  “..Friendly and professional on telephone.  Happy with cartridges and delivery.  Very happy with discounted prices..”  Jessica Nair - Lancashire 4-stars


September 2016  “..We have always received excellent service and no complaints..”  Alex Nicol - Devon 5-stars


August 2016  “..[Account Manager] is wonderful she looks after us very well..”  Tammy Mallowan - Berkshire 5-stars


August 2016  “..Very helpful, friendly and efficient service..”  Carol Stevenson - Essex 5-stars


August 2016  “..I have ordered ink cartridges and labels for a Neopost Franking machine which are very competitively priced and they're good quality products.  Very efficient service both by telephone and online.  Orders arrive impressively quickly..”  Felicity Brown - Berkshire 5-stars


August 2016  “..Great service…Very quick and efficient..”  Brian Fletcher - Tyne and Wear 5-stars


August 2016  “..Our firm is very impressed with the provision of customer service and the discount placed on the price.  We would recommend the service to others..”  Augustine Adu - London 4-stars


August 2016  “..Always a pleasant staff and not too pushy..”  Janette Sugden - West Yorkshire 4-stars


August 2016  “..I have always found the staff very helpful and pleasant. Orders are always delivered when promised. On the whole my experience in dealing with Link Mailing Systems has been very good..”  Ann Morrison - Scotland 5-stars


August 2016  “..I found Link Mailing Systems to be very efficient..”  Libby Thompson - Warwickshire 5-stars


August 2016  “..Very prompt and efficient..”  Maureen Lomas - Hertfordshire 5-stars


August 2016  “..[Account Manager] is very polite.  We do not use our franking machine as often as we used to and I don't feel bullied and pressured as I do with other companies therefore when we needed ink I emailed her straight away..”  Janice Burgess - Essex 5-stars


August 2016  “..Always dependable, reliable and quick. Phone regularly even though we do not order huge quantities..”  Lorraine McGregor - Hertfordshire 5-stars


August 2016  “..Have dealt with your company for a number of years now experience was fine always polite and helpful..”  June Laughlan - Merseyside 5-stars


August 2016  “..Could you forward to your manager that your cooperation and efficiency is a credit to the company..”  Annette Sadler - Gloucestershire 5-stars


August 2016  “..Customer service is friendly and efficient..”  Carol Pearse - Merseyside 4-stars


August 2016  “..Excellent Service. [Account Manager] helped me without any hesitation in a very professional and competent manner…Thanks a lot..”  Maxine Wilby -  5-stars


July 2016  “..The customer service I receive from [Account Manager] is exceptional...always rings to check on stock at the allotted intervals and is always really friendly and helpful...Orders are despatched quickly and efficiently..”  Julie Clarke - Cumbria 5-stars


July 2016  “..We have been a customer of Link Mailing for the last 2-3 years...We are pleased to be a customer..”  Mary Wheeler - Kent 5-stars


July 2016  “..The staff who I have spoken to and dealt with by email are very polite and courteous and always very helpful.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your company…Excellent customer service.  Thank you..”  Sharon - Merseyside 5-stars


July 2016  “..Very helpful and communication was excellent.  Fast delivery..”  Amelia Gyngell-Jones - Wales 5-stars


July 2016  “..Staff are friendly and offer an efficient service..”  Charlotte Circuit - Leicestershire 5-stars


July 2016  “..Excellent phone manner...Extremely happy and joyful staff!  Personally I haven't used many services you provide however from the experience Link Mailing Systems are very reliable and easy to understand..”  Cory Alder - Avon 5-stars


July 2016  “..Very happy with Link Mailing…Very satisfied..”  Mary Lennox - Lanarkshire 5-stars


July 2016  “..Quick efficient and friendly..”  Deborah Murphy - Cheshire 5-stars


July 2016  “..Have always dealt with [Account Manager] since we started using Link Mailing.  She is really helpful and a pleasure to deal with..”  Melanie Dean - Wiltshire 4-stars


July 2016  “..Top class...Value for money!..”  Pamela Hanly - Middlesex 5-stars


July 2016  “..Very good customer focus, helpful, well organised and competitively priced merchandise..”  Ian Bleasby - West Yorkshire 5-stars


July 2016  “..Efficient but not pushy..”  Sue Ward - Northamptonshire 5-stars


July 2016  “..Good service, delivery is quick..”  Ann-Marie O'Connor - Lancashire 4-stars


July 2016  “..Very efficient and helpful..”  Lesley Fletcher - Lancashire 5-stars


July 2016  “..Easy process...Quick delivery and polite staff to deal with..”  Jasmine Chandler - Suffolk 5-stars


July 2016  “..Customer service is great..”  Jacqueline Tickle - Lancashire 4-stars


July 2016  “..Efficient service at a good price...Thanks..”  Verity Shell - Avon 5-stars


July 2016  “..Good service no problems..”  Iris Gascoine - Nottinghamshire 4-stars


July 2016  “..Very nice sales person who contacts me...She is very friendly and helpful..”  Marlene Westerman - Yorkshire 4-stars


July 2016  “..[Account Manager] very helpful and nice to deal with the same person each time..”  Wendy McMillan - Scotland 5-stars


July 2016  “..Good customer service..”  Alex Dyde - Hampshire 4-stars


July 2016  “..Everything delivered in good time..”  Carol MacAulay - Scotland 5-stars


June 2016  “..Excellent service..”  Lorraine Sutton - Northamptonshire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Friendly service and reminder calls appreciated…Quick delivery..”  Christine Mandleberg - West Midlands 4-stars


June 2016  “..Great service quick to respond if required..”  Lorraine McGregor - Hertfordshire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Excellent..”  Karen Palframan - Gloucestershire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Very efficient service.  I ordered franking machine labels which came pretty quickly.  No problems at all and will certainly use yourselves in the future..”  Margaret Moore - County Durham 5-stars


June 2016  “..The ordering process was really straightforward and very fast delivery..”  Agnieszka Leja - Nottinghamshire


June 2016  “..Easy to use website...Fast and efficient delivery and service..”  Tracy Jones - Lancashire 5-stars


June 2016  “..[Account Manager] is always friendly prompt and never pushy...We get a lot of sales calls but we do prefer to deal with you..”  Samantha Cotson - West Yorkshire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Very helpful...Prompt delivery of goods..”  Julie Smith - Lancashire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Excellent customer service and fast delivery.  Thanks..”  Laura Platt - Cheshire 5-stars


June 2016  “..I just want to say that I was very happy with the service that I received from your company...Friendly fast and efficient..”  Christine Sherlock - West Midlands 5-stars


June 2016  “..[Account Manager] is very polite and calls to check on our stock regularly providing an excellent service...Although I placed the order on a Friday the delivery arrived on the Monday..”  Maureen Hamer - Hertfordshire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Very efficient and excellent customer service..”  Wendy Reed - Somerset 5-stars


June 2016  “..We have used compatible ink cartridges from Link Mailing for our Pitney Bowes franking machine for several years.  The service is always prompt and efficient..”  Lesley Alexander - London 4-stars


June 2016  “..Competitive prices with fast (next day) delivery...Ideal!..”  Amie Conaghan - Lancashire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Good experience...Very courteous and helpful..”  Deborah Lewis - Lancashire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Great service and competitive prices..”  Mariola Nowakowska-Chilinska - Gloucestershire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Very helpful staff and quick to deliver.  Thanks..”  Kelly Ramsey - Oxfordshire 5-stars


June 2016  “..Overall good experience..”  Penny Brotherton - West Yorkshire 4-stars


May 2016  “..Great service, great prices and offers.  Communication exceptional (courteous and professional, with a personal touch)...Pleasure to do business..”  Ann Bastien - Middlesex 5-stars


May 2016  "..It is our pleasure to experience an efficient delivery system and humbled customer service always putting the customer first…The customer service is second to none.  We won't hesitate to recommend Link Mailing system to a potential customer!..”  Augustine Adu - London 4-stars


May 2016  "..The customer service is always of the highest quality and the team are helpful and efficient.  Thank you..”  Louise Graham - Northamptonshire 4-stars


May 2016  “..Good company to deal with especially [Account Manager]...Very polite and helpful..”  Andrea Storey - Lancashire 5-stars


May 2016  “..I think Link Mailing Systems are very reliable.  We get frequent calls from [Account Manager] who is always polite and friendly on the phone and always checks to make sure everything is up to date with our stock…When we have ordered items for the franking machine they have arrived very quickly..”  Heather Sander - Isle of Man 5-stars


May 2016  “..I find ordering prodcuts from Link Mailing fairly simple.  Any person I have had to contact has always been polite and helpful..”  Jennifer Manson - Scotland 5-stars


May 2016  “..Good prices…Excellent delivery..”  Yvonne Collins - County Durham 5-stars


May 2016  “..Friendly and efficient...Great customer service overall..”  Stefanie Inger - Norfolk 5-stars


May 2016  “..Very quick and effiicent…Good prices..”  Kathy Glasspool - Wiltshire 4-stars


May 2016  “..I found Link Mailing Systems very helpful and supplied the ink cartridges very quickly..”  Sue Andrews - Essex 5-stars


May 2016  “..Quick and efficient..”  Liz Leech - Worcestershire 5-stars


May 2016  “..Great Service!!  Thank you!..”  Hugo de Freitas - Lancashire 5-stars


May 2016  “..Friendly, quick and efficient..”  Shirley Cairns - Worcestershire 5-stars


May 2016  “..Pleasant…Order taken quickly and items arrived on time..”  Patricia Benjamin - London 4-stars


May 2016  "..Very efficient service by email and by phone…Very friendly and helpful..”  Kim Burchell - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


May 2016  “..Efficient..”  Margaret Culley - North Yorkshire 5-stars


April 2016  “..Link Mailing were very efficient and pleasant to deal with.  [Account Manager] was very friendly and not pushy with other products.  Will definitely be using them again for future orders..”  Lisa Taylor - West Midlands 5-stars


April 2016  "..It’s always a great experience dealing with your company…[Account Manager] is always friendly and enthusiastic on the telephone and also via email. You provide prompt delivery which is always appreciated by everybody on the reception team!..”  Hannah James - Gloucestershire 5-stars


April 2016  “..[Account Manager] is lovely, I don't feel pressured by her into buying and it tends to be a friendly catch up call to see if we need anything.  Products arrived quickly..”  Megan Williams - Hampshire 5-stars


April 2016  “..Great customer service, very friendly staff and fast delivery.  Products are always up to a good standard and are delivered promptly..”  Megan Armstrong - Northern Ireland 5-stars


April 2016  “..Easy to deal with, not inundated with calls, able to email orders through when needed too..”  Bryony Gibson - Dorset 4-stars


April 2016  “..I've found Link Mailing always very polite and efficient and I found their price match very useful.  Always deliver on time too...Very satisfied..”  Mr S - Surrey 5-stars


April 2016  “..Excellent speedy service and price was right.  Would use again.  [Account Manager] was a pleasure to deal with..”  Jane Lester - Lancashire 5-stars


April 2016  “..Very friendly and helpful service from [Account Manager] as always..”  Carol Bellwood - Cambridgeshire 5-stars


April 2016  “..Excellent service from ordering to delivery..”  Caroline Horan - Middlesex 5-stars


April 2016  “..Always good service.  Labels and ink delivered promptly..”  Teresa Wiles - Yorkshire 4-stars


April 2016  “..Quick delivery..”  Amaan Hashim - London 5-stars


March 2016  “..Good quality label and print for half the price than we usually pay our previous supplier!  Great offers!  Spoke with [Account Manager] who was very pleasant and informative, not pushy at all.  Glad that I decided to give Link Mailing a chance...We were not disappointed!..”  Kristine Fernandez - London 5-stars


March 2016  “..[Account Manager] is very friendly but not pushy.  Orders are delivered promptly!  Who could ask for anything else..”  Amii Cale - Wiltshire 5-stars


March 2016  “..I thought the service from start to finish was exceptional.  Very friendly, fast and efficient..”  Steph Hicks-Jones - Warwickshire 5-stars


March 2016  "..Very easy to deal with…Very pleasant and no pressure…Thanks..”  Joyce Rimmer - Lancashire 5-stars


March 2016  “..Since I started using Link Mailing Systems, I have been very pleased with the efficiency and helpfulness...The prices of your ink cartridges are considerably cheaper too!..”  Carol Stevenson - Essex 5-stars


March 2016  “..Very fast delivery and good and efficient telephone manner.  Have used Link Mailing before and will certainly do so again..”  Kathie Murfitt - Cambridgeshire 5-stars


March 2016  “..Link Mailing are competitive and the service is great hope to get the ink cartridges at the same price next time..”  Amanda Helps - Avon 5-stars


March 2016  “..Very friendly helpful and quick delivery..”  Nicola Morley - Berkshire 5-stars


March 2016  “..Excellent service…Items arrived next day..”  Heather Evans - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


March 2016  “..Excellent service..”  Reg Caldwell - Lancashire 5-stars


March 2016  “..Very friendly efficient service..”  Charlotte Circuit - Leicestershire 5-stars


March 2016  “..Very good, [Account Manager] is always polite and very helpful..”  Sally Hughes - West Midlands 5-stars


March 2016  “..Excellent customer service...Very friendly and efficient and excellent delivery..”  Sue Cook - Gwent 5-stars


March 2016  “..The ink cartridges worked as you said they would when others had not...Very helpful telephone staff..”  Julie Aldridge - Essex 5-stars


March 2016  “..Excellent customer service and a very quick delivery..”  Michelle Brewer - Cheshire 5-stars


February 2016  “..I have had a very positive experience with Link Mailing Systems, my contact with you guys is [Account Manager] and she is fantastic.  The whole process from start to finish was smooth running and very friendly..”  Sarah Woodward - Essex 5-stars


February 2016   “..Excellent fast service.  Great communication, response and delivery.  Very efficient, friendly and helpful..”  Emma Clothier - London 5-stars


February 2016  “..I must say our contact whom we order from [Account Manager] is friendly and really helpful.  I must say she has shown more of an upbeat friendly customer service than Neopost have done in the past year, which I must agree has persuaded us to continue to order from yourselves..”  Nick Clark - West Midlands 5-stars


February 2016  “..Excellent service and realistic prices for necessary products.  This is the first time we have placed an order for our replacement ink cartridges and will continue to do so in the future..”  Trisha Langdon - Hampshire 5-stars


February 2016  “..Great price, excellent service, very speedy delivery..”  Liz Leech - West Midlands 5-stars


February 2016  “..Great service fast delivery..”  Faye Stevens - West Midlands 5-stars


February 2016  “..Very good, courteous customer service..”  Liz Money - Shropshire 4-stars


February 2016  “..Very pleased with product, the price and the service I received.  Will definitely use again..”  Julie Goodland - Devon 5-stars


February 2016  “..Thank you for your and your company’s unobtrusive and polite approach to selling your goods…I will continue using Link Mailing Systems for our franking supplies thanks to your approach.  Thank you...”  Dan Godfrey - Norfolk 5-stars


January 2016  “..Competitive prices…polite friendly staff…fast efficient service..”  Paul Cowlin - West Yorkshire 5-stars


January 2016  “..Very happy with the service we get.  Everyone is always very helpful and friendly..”  Jo Steedman - Lancashire 5-stars


January 2016  “..Excellent service, friendly staff and fast delivery.  Highly recommended..”  Sharon - Tyne and Wear 5-stars


January 2016  “..Very polite and professional..”  Gail Trew - Bedfordshire 5-stars


January 2016  “..Very good customer service…Would recommend..”  Irene Taylor - Lancashire 5-stars


January 2016  “..Great service fast delivery..”  Faye Stevens - West Midlands 5-stars


January 2016  “..Very good customer service..”  Debbie Wale - Nolfolk 5-stars


January 2016  “..Excellent service..”  Brenda Thexton - Cumbria 5-stars


January 2016  “..Very friendly and efficient..”  Charlotte Circuit - Leicestershire 5-stars


December 2015  “..Exceptional service…[Account Manager] knows what we want and always provides on time..”  Ashley Foster - Warwickshire 5-stars


December 2015  “..Very easy to deal with, no high pressure sales talk.  If I don't need anything when I am contacted there is no pressure to buy anything at the time.  [Account Manager] is very pleasant and knows her products well..”  Sharon Carpenter - County Durham 5-stars


December 2015  “..The service and value have been great we will continue to use you...Special Thanks to [Account manager]..”  Liz Jones - Hampshire 5-stars


December 2015  “..I think Link Mailing Systems are easy to deal with great value for money and the customer service is excellent...Very friendly and helpful..”  Karen Villiers - Northamptonshire 5-stars


December 2015  “..Very efficient and excellent next day service…Couldn't fault the service…Will use again…Thank you..”  Katrina Brown - Herefordshire 5-stars


December 2015  “..Great service and [Account Manager] is excellent.  Always very helpful and always a pleasure..”  Melanie Dean - Wiltshire 5-stars


December 2015  “..The customer service has always been great.  They always know the current deals and promotions and guide on making the right choices in order to get the best for your money.  The small touches show the care and appreciation for customers.  I will 100% continue to use Link Mailing Systems because of their customer care..”  Rhiannon Sanders - Somerset 4-stars


December 2015  “..Efficient, friendly service and competitive pricing..”  Lynne Lynch - Kent 4-stars


December 2015  “..We are happy with the service we receive…It is fast and efficient…Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all..”  Val Bonikowski - Lancashire 4-stars


December 2015  “..Your [Account Manager] was lovely and the service efficient..”  Pam Young - Merseyside 5-stars


December 2015  “..Very efficient service..”  Inderjit Chadha - West Midlands 4-stars


December 2015  “..Very helpful and friendly plus quick delivery..”  Karen Spong - Essex 5-stars


December 2015  “..I receive regular phone calls to see if we require any ink cartidges or labels…Customer service is very good..”  Amanda Barr - North Humberside 5-stars


December 2015  “..[Account Manager] very helpful and pleasant..”  Isobella McMahon - Bedforshire 5-stars


December 2015  “..Service was great..”  Sarah-Louise Ross - Scotland 5-stars


December 2015  “..Very fast and efficient..”  Guy Bain - London 5-stars


December 2015  “..Dealt with [Account Manager] and she was extremely friendly, prompt and helpful…Thanks very much..”  Rachel Devilliers - Cumbria 5-stars


December 2015  “..Very friendly and efficient..”  Charlotte Circuit - Leicestershire 5-stars


December 2015  “..Very happy with service, quick service, polite helpful staff…Thank you..”  Sharon Van Hemert - Merseyside 5-stars


December 2015  “..All of my dealings with Link Mailing Systems have been very good…All staff extremely helpful..”  Judith French - Lincolnshire 5-stars


December 2015  “..Excellent Service, swift and polite staff…Happy Christmas to all..”  Sue Ingles - Tyne and Wear 5-stars


December 2015  “..Happy with the quick efficient delivery of the products..”  Mary Lennox - Lanarkshire 5-stars


November 2015  “..I think that you offer a very good service at very competitive prices.  Also I was really pleased that you exchanged my ink cartridge when we updated our Franking Machine recently…EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!..”  Linda Jackson - South Yorkshire 5-stars


November 2015  “..Excellent service from [Account Manager] speedy delivery, competitive rates, great products..”  Michelle Butler - West Midlands 5-stars


November 2015  “..Very happy with the service that we received from Link Mailing and [Account Manager] was very helpful…Thank you..”  Sarah Willetts - West Midlands 5-stars


November 2015  “..Very positive experience friendly helpful person I spoke to who took the order and goods arrived promptly..”  Ann Marie Haggett - Lancashire 5-stars


November 2015  “..No problems with any orders I have placed…Ringing me to check if I have enough cartridges is always helpful too and shows good customer care…Goods arrived as expected..”  Stephen Eade - Lancashire 5-stars


November 2015  “..Always prompt with delivery...[Account Manager] very helpful...”  Kim Redfern - Warwickshire 4-stars


November 2015  “..[Account Manager] was very polite very helpful, notified us of everything…Definitely use again..”  Jane Davies - West Midlands 5-stars


November 2015  “..Lovely Customer Service VERY helpful and polite.  Thank you very much for your service..”  Laura Dalton - Essex 5-stars


November 2015  “..Service and ordering is simple and efficient..”  Alison Joyner - Yorkshire 5-stars


November 2015  “..[Account Manager] was lovely and was really helpful.  If I had any questions, she got back to me straight away…Thank you..”  Sophie Tasker - Humberside 5-stars


November 2015  “..Fast and friendly service..”  Deborah Leathem - Scotland 5-stars


November 2015  “..Excellent service and very friendly and helpful staff..”  Elaine Sheppard - Staffordhire 5-stars


November 2015  “..Very courteous service..”  Sandra Stewart - Scotland 5-stars


November 2015  “..Staff very friendly [Account Manager] who I dealt with kept in contact advising me on ordering process and deals etc..”  Andrea Bell - Northern Ireland 5-stars


November 2015  “..Very interesting, the turn around response from placing the order was very quick…Well done..”  Shirley King-Vaughan - London 5-stars


November 2015  “..Very good…The sales person was very helpful..”  Georgina Cooper - Surrey 5-stars


November 2015  “..Very good..”  Amanda Waldie - Hertfordshire 4-stars


November 2015  “..Very Good…Always pleasant..”  Linda Taylor - Surrey 4-stars


November 2015  “..Very quick to respond to sending goods to us but also when we had the problem with our order very helpful and speedy outcome..”  Carol Hainstock - Worcestershire 5-stars


November 2015  “..I found Link Mailing Systems very helpful and quick to respond to my queries..”  Sue Andrews - Essex 5-stars


November 2015  “..Really good friendly and efficient staff..”  Rosemay Taylor - Kent 5-stars


November 2015  “..Good service..”  Louise King - Warwickshire 5-stars


November 2015  “..Excellent service..”  Lisa Green - Lancashire 5-stars


October 2015  “..I thought the service was excellent…The girl I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and friendly…I would definitely use your company again..”  Laura Huntly-Peck - Yorkshire 5-stars


October 2015  “..Great service and easy to deal with…Great next day delivery and special offers…Good company to deal with..”  Jane Cavendish - Yorkshire 5-stars


October 2015  “..Good product and excellent service.  Will purchase from you again..”  Lorraine Jones - Wales 5-stars


October 2015  “..I always find you very helpful every time I speak to one of your people.  You try and help us in every way you can and we are always pleased with your service..”  Mel Beard - Essex 5-stars


October 2015  “..Excellent delivery service..”  Colin Carter - Hertfordshire 5-stars


October 2015  "..Excellent..”  Julie Poole - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


October 2015  “..Very efficient in replying to emails…Orders received next day delivery…Very Good Service...”  Teresa Kelly - Staffordshire 5-stars


October 2015  “..Very quick service..”  Joanne Ingram - Northamptonshire 5-stars


October 2015  “..Very friendly professional service with prompt delivery…[Account Manager] is always very efficient..”  Mary Wilson - Leicestershire 5-stars


October 2015  “..Very good, professional and pleasant to deal with..”  Lana Cundle  - Kent 5-stars


October 2015  “..Very good and efficient service..”  Venta Flower - Berkshire 5-stars


October 2015  “..Very helpful.  Value for money..”  Pete Dodkins - Middlesex 5-stars


October 2015  “..The girls who ring are so polite and can't help enough…Thank you..”  Catherine Williams - Cumbria 4-stars


October 2015  “..Great service!..”  Philipa Asare-Marfo - London 4-stars


October 2015  “..Very happy with the service I have received.  I receive regular calls from staff asking if I want to order more labels..”  Janice Reith - Scotland 5-stars


October 2015  “..I had no problems with the delivery and invoice from Link Mailing Systems...Everything was fine..”  Fraser Gowland - Yorkshire 5-stars


September 2015  “..Very fast service and delivery.  Link Mailing were a pleasure to do business with..”  Philippa Burton - London 5-stars


September 2015  "..Found you very efficient.  Labels received promptly.  I had actually ordered the wrong problem, made a phone call, correct labels sent and the wrong ones no extra charge..”  Paulne Moore - Devon 5-stars


September 2015  “..Very good and quick..”  Liz Tijaleiro - Berkshire 5-stars


September 2015  “..Good service, ensures that they have the right information, and keeps the client informed..”  Sue Wheeler - Cheshire  5-stars


September 2015  “..Very helpful when phoning and great deals!  Will definitely use your services again..”  Lee Bryant - Merseyside 4-stars


September 2015  “..Quick service very polite.  Many thanks..”  Mike McCord - Lancashire 4-stars


September 2015  “..Very good company to work with.  Delivered promptly and were very helpful on the phone.  Thanks..”  Linda Crossley  - Yorkshire 5-stars


September 2015  “..Really good service from [Account Manager] and your company as a whole..”  Doreen Shields - Scotland 5-stars


September 2015  “..Never have to wait long for the delivery...Very prompt.  Always happy to deal with Link Mailing because of the service and reliability of the staff I have dealt with..”  Jackie Dunn - Lancashire 5-stars


September 2015  “..Brilliant communication..”  Megan Barraclough - West Yorkshire 5-stars


September 2015  “..Very efficient and lovely people to deal with..”  Andrea Storey - Lancashire 5-stars


September 2015  “..Good prompt service and good value for money products..”  Allison Tarrier - Cambridgeshire  5-stars


September 2015  “..Fast next day delivery..”  Yvonne Collins - County Durham 4-stars


August 2015  “..Excellent service as always..”  Elaine Gould - Shropshire 5-stars


August 2015  “..[Account Manager] calls regularly.  She is very pleasant, polite and helpful.  The service is prompt and I like the fact you invoice rather than take a card payment..”  Heather Kerr Wilbur - Avon 4-stars


August 2015  “..Very friendly and efficient company..”  Andrea Storey - Lancashire 5-stars


August 2015  “..Friendly and efficient service..”  Vicky Wright - Dorset  5-stars


August 2015  “..Very pleasant sales assistant on the phone…Goods arrived as expected..”  Sheila Carle - Scotland 5-stars


August 2015  “..Friendly efficient service..”  Pat Durbin - Wales 4-stars


August 2015  “..We only have a very small requirement for franking supplies, but the delightful [Account Manager] is always charming to deal with - gold star for [Account Manager]!..”  Fiona El Hasnaoui - Surrey 5-stars


August 2015  “..I was very impressed with the service…Thank you..”  Mary Hinds - London 5-stars


August 2015  “..[Account Manager] - extremely helpful and polite..”  Lizzie Lewis - Cambridgeshire 4-stars


August 2015  “..Very happy with service provided..”  Carolyn Vaughan - Yorkshire 5-stars


August 2015  “..Very good.  Our franking machine is obsolete so our usual suppliers could not help with the supply of our usual cartridges.  When I phoned Link they were very helpful in sourcing our cartridge make and they arrived next day…Excellent service..”  Diane Flavell - West Midlands 5-stars


August 2015  “..[Account Manager] always responds in a timely manor to the order I place with her and is delivered when [she] states.  [Account Manager] is always pleasant to speak to..”  Simon Murphy - Cheshire  5-stars


August 2015  “..Prompt delivery of items ordered..”  Sally Tarpey - Worcestershire 5-stars


July 2015  “..Very efficient and always reliable plus competitive pricing means I am happy to use your company over others.  [Account Manager] especially is always friendly and professional…Very pleased and will continue with our custom with Link Mailing..”  Georgina Clark - London 5-stars


July 2015  “..Very good service!..”  Deborah - Kent 5-stars


July 2015  “..Very helpful with regular phone calls and dealt with queries promptly and efficiently…Perfect service”  Iona Hazelden-Jones - Wales 5-stars


July 2015  “..Excellent..”  Rani Gandhi - Middlesex  5-stars


July 2015  “..Have been very satisfied with the service and help provided by yourselves, especially my Account Manager has been extremely helpful..”  Jade Robinson - Merseyside 5-stars


July 2015  “..Very good customer service especially [Account Manager]...Very kind person…Keep up the good work..”  Kamila Wojtow - London 5-stars


July 2015  “..Very good efficient company..”  Brenda Thexton - Cumbria 5-stars


July 2015  “..Excellent customer service…Very quick and prompt..”  Chloe Haynes - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


July 2015  “..Very easy to use and very quick service our franking supplies arrived very quickly…Thank you..”  Jules Chandler - Buckinghamshire 5-stars


July 2015  “..Efficient suppliers…Friendly and not at all pushy, a refreshing change!..”  Bill Robertson - Hampshire 5-stars


June 2015  “..I am satisfied with the service provided…Thank you..”  Anna Bradel - Middlesex 5-stars


July 2015  “..Good service..”  Cath Parker - Lancashire  5-stars


July 2015  “..Always a pleasure to deal with over the telephone..”  Sam Leach - Wales 5-stars


July 2015  “..Speedy delivery..”  Andra Craig - Yorkshire 5-stars


June 2015  “..Very quick service…Extremely impressed, easy to order, quick service.  Will definitely be using again..”  Lauren Nelson - Essex 5-stars


June 2015  “..Excellent service and value..”  Alison Fielding - Yorkshire 5-stars


June 2015  “..Excellent service all round.  Polite staff, very quick delivery…Can't fault them..”  Annette Powles - Gloucestershire 5-stars


June 2015  “..Very efficient…Products arrived very quickly and good price.  Thanks..”  Verity Shell - Avon  5-stars


June 2015  “..Good service with next day delivery…[Account Manager] is always very helpful..”  Mary Wilson - Leicestershire 4-stars


June 2015  “..Excellent service…The lady who dealt with my request was knowledgeable and helpful.  I was very grateful to be speaking with her as it was my first request..”  Shirley Brown - Somerset 5-stars


June 2015  “..Very efficient…We received our order promptly and efficiently.  Thank you..”  Gill Beresford - West Midlands 5-stars


June 2015  “..Very good value…Have had no problems with ordering from Link Mailing and everything is in order..”  Marie Coleman - Yorkshire 5-stars


May 2015  “..Staff were friendly, cartridges came in good time and we were able to pay by invoice in 30 days.  Cartridges were good value for money as I had searched online for a better price.  They are good quality.  Overall I am pleased with the service Link Mailing provide…Quick service, friendly staff, good value for money..”  Sonya Walker - Northern Ireland 5-stars


May 2015  “..We get regular calls checking our stock levels, and if we have everything we need, we are not pushed to buy more.  In this day and age this kind of customer service is rare, and actually encourages ourselves to use Link Mailing wherever possible…Friendly and not at all pushy, a refreshing change!..”  Trevor Breedon - Northampton 4-stars


May 2015  “..Fantastic service and product at the best price!..”  Kate Bamber - Deeside 5-stars


May 2015  “..Professional...Attention to detail customer service is very good…Reliable and Customer focused..”  Ian Bleasby - Yorkshire  5-stars


May 2015  “..Arrived very quickly, [Account Manager] does a great job keeping us informed of current deals…Quick, efficient speedy service, competitively priced..”  Rosie Bevington - Staffordshire 5-stars


May 2015  “..Your response was very swift and the problem was dealt with very effectively…Excellent..”  Julie Poole - Devon 5-stars


May 2015  “..Excellent service deliveries very fast…Always get good service if and when we require ink or labels..”  Marjorie Jackson - Tyneside 5-stars


May 2015  “..Very good and quick delivery..”  Pam Griffiths - Northampton 5-stars


May 2015  “..Great service nice friendly staff..”  Tracey Samme - Yorkshire  5-stars


May 2015  “..Very helpful, friendly with quick delivery..”  Mark Kennedy - Northampton 5-stars


May 2015  “..We always get an efficient service from Link Mailing..”  Caroline Booth Jones - East Sussex 4-stars


May 2015  “..Very effcient and helpful company..”  Helen Ticehurst - Surrey 5-stars


May 2015  “..Very helpful and a great customer service..”  Tina Hoskin - Cornwall 4-stars


May 2015  “..Very Good..”  Sarah Livesley - Merseyside 5-stars


April 2015  “..The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable and our order arrived the next day at a fraction of the cost it would have been through Pitney Bowes…All in all, very satisfied...”  Neil Scott - Scotland 5-stars


April 2015  “..The staff are always very friendly and efficient and it is a nice company to deal with…Very efficient..”  Barbara Elder - Flintshire 5-stars


April 2015  “..Your service has been efficient, great price and excellent quality...Thank you…Overall very happy..”  Sajda Baig - Berkshire 5-stars


April 2015  “..Proactive and professional…Many thanks for your customer focused approach and competitive pricing..”  Ian Bleasby - Yorkshire  5-stars


April 2015  “..Link contact us regularly and check if we have supply and whenever we place an order, we receive it the next day.  So far there hasn't been an inconvenience with posting supplies, thanks to Link…Efficient and reliable..”  Deep Jethva - Leicestershire 5-stars


April 2015  “..A prompt and reliable service..”  Yvonne Barritt - Wales 5-stars


April 2015  “..Very good, reliable, quick and easy to use..”  Aimee Parsons - Avon 5-stars


April 2015  “..Good Value and friendly service..”  Sandra Mitchell - Cambridgeshire 5-stars


April 2015  “..Very good fast and prompt services…Would use you again..”  Christine Wheeler - London 5-stars


April 2015  “..The staff are always helpful and friendly, and the service is reliable and efficient..”  Amanda Naylor - Merseyside 4-stars


April 2015  “..We always get an efficient service from Link Mailing..”  Caroline Booth Jones - East Sussex 4-stars


April 2015  “..Process quick and easy.  Offer and price attractive..”  Annette Espie - Cheshire 4-stars


April 2015  “..Based on 1st time use, we would use you again.”  Annie Henderson - Merseyside 5-stars


April 2015  “..Very polite staff and good delivery service...”  Geraldine Stemp - London 4-stars


March 2015  “..Very friendly helpful personnel…It is always a pleasure to deal with yourselves.  There is no constant badgering.  If I still have an ink cartridge in place I know that there is no incessant pressure…Lovely team..”  Sue Lawes - Kent 5-stars


March 2015  “..Very helpful…This was our second order with you.  I had a phone call and the same person rings every 2-3 months or so ( we are not big users). She is always polite and helpful and when I say I don't need anything she doesn't push it ( I like that)..”  Pam Quelch - Hampshire 5-stars


March 2015  “..Very professional, quick and helpful...I particularly dealt with [Account Manager] and she was lovely.  Not pushy but a real pleasure to speak to, very polite and professional..”  Ionela Ciordas - London 5-stars


March 2015  “..Fantastic…I must say it's a pleasure dealing with [Account Manager] from Link Mailing.  [Account Manager] is a great help and makes ordering our goods so simple.  A credit to your company..”  Colin Mclachlan - Tyneside 5-stars


March 2015  “..Good customer service and prompt delivery…Very happy with Service received..”  Nikki Brocklehurst - Somerset 4-stars


March 2015  “..Very good service..”  Venice Teire - Clywd 5-stars


March 2015  “..Quick and efficient delivery, friendly and personal service..”  Hannah Packman - Kent 5-stars


March 2015  “..Very Professional and friendly service..”  Janice Burgess - Essex 4-stars


March 2015 “..Good, fast service…Items were delivered quickly and priced competitively..”  Kirstie McAulay – Scotland 5-stars


March 2015  “..Very accommodating and very good service..”  Ruth Lister - Gloucestershire 5-stars


March 2015  “..No problems with them so far.  We are very satisfied.  The price was good as well..”  Rose Edy - Shropshire 5-stars


March 2015  “..Great Service…Quick postage..”  Aleksandra Worowska - London 5-stars


March 2015  “..Fast, Friendly, efficient Service..”  Helen Harvey - Surrey 5-stars


February 2015  “..Amazing prices and if you're in a rush order with this company as they are fast..”  Victoria Howells - Wales 5-stars


February 2015  “..Great service, lovely people and respond quickly which is great!  Thank you!..”  Courtney Stuart - Perthshire 5-stars


February 2015  “..Good service and helpful staff…Always advised of any special offers you have and goods received day after order is placed..”  Andrew Smith - Essex 4-stars


February 2015  “..Professional, simple and very fast..”  Agnes Weir - Lanarkshire 5-stars


February 2015  “..A fast, friendly and efficient service..”  Juliette Woodland - Somerset 5-stars


January 2015  “..What a bargain!...Been a customer of Pitney Bowes for 5 years, they rang me...with an offer, selling it as the deal of the decade. Link Mailing rang me up [with their offer].  I have never dealt with Link Mailing before.  Very happy...”  Eric Guile - Wales 5-stars


January 2015  “..Very efficient service, thanks..”  Wendy Brown - Suffolk 5-stars


January 2015  “..Always very friendly and efficient..”  Suzanne de Burgh - Devon 5-stars


January 2015  “..Helpful staff, quick delivery..”  Jacqueline Chapman  - Lancashire 5-stars


January 2015  “..Very good..”  Shelley Jarvis - West Sussex 5-stars


December 2014 “..Always found to be efficient and courteous with out hard selling over the phone…Always follows up telephone conversation with an email confirmation..”  Rosie Griffin - Gloucestershire


December 2014 “..Ordered one day, delivered the next.  Can't ask for better than that…Efficient..”  Lynette Sparks - Essex


November 2014 “..We have always received great customer care with Link Mailing and have never had any issues regarding items we have bought…Great customer care..”  Florence Hodnett - London


November 2014 “..Delivery of new order [was] fab..”  Cath Mills - Kent


November 2014 “..The customer service when we received a broken cartridge was excellent..”  Janette - West Yorkshire


October 2014 “..I have dealt with your company for a little while now and am very satisfied with the service. We are not a big company and our franking ink does last some while.  That is never a problem with your employees and they just call me back every so often.  It is a pleasure to hear from them they are always so very polite and not at all pushy...A relief these days I can assure you…Always very polite and helpful and good value..”  Susan Lawes - Kent


October 2014 “..[Account Manager] calls me once a month to check on our stocks.  She is a very pleasant person and happy if I say no thank you.  The items ordered are despatched quickly…Very efficient..”  Margaret Gore - Berkshire


October 2014 “..Wonderful service and very helpful. I would recommend them to other organisations…They are efficient and helpful at the same time..”  James Matu - London


October 2014 “..Staff are well mannered, don’t push you if you do not want to purchase and overall are very polite and efficient.  Service is quick and products are of a high quality..”  Annette Ashton - Cheshire


October 2014 “..My query was answered quickly and efficiently.  Thanks for the help…Professional service..”  Louise Brady - West Yorkshire


October 2014 “..Good customer services, fast delivery of products ordered..”  Tracy Bell - Oxfordshire


October 2014 “..We are very satisfied with the services…Good Services..”  Bhanu Rathore - London


October 2014 “..Prompt and efficient..”  Wendy Tomich - Shropshire


October 2014 “..Efficient and good service…Prompt service..”  Deep Jethva - Leicestershire


September 2014 “..The young lady who rings me is very polite and efficient.  As a small company we do not use many labels or ink cartridges, so we only order occasionally, but the calls are always courteous and helpful...Very good service..”  Jackie Brompton - Hertfordshire


September 2014 “..Special thanks to my contact who is always professional in her manner happy and helps efficiently with any queries I may have...Good work!..”  Rosemary Taylor - Kent


September 2014 “..[Account Manager] looks after us currently, he's a lovely guy to deal with, always…Excellent..”  Sarah Cook - Hampshire


September 2014 “..I appreciate the regular contact and prompt delivery of the ink cartridges…Efficient..”  Christine Lister - North Yorkshire


September 2014 “..Good service and competitive pricing...[Account Manager] was particularly helpful…Good value and prompt service..”  Nick Kavanagh - London


September 2014 “..[Account Manager] is very friendly and efficient and great to deal with…Very efficient..”  Karen Hall - Lancashire


September 2014 “..Fabulous..”  Karen Henderson - West Sussex


September 2014 “..Excellent service..”  Elaine Gould - West Midlands


September 2014 “..Quick, cheaper..”  Sheree Graham - London


September 2014 “..Very helpful and accommodating..”  Lesley Enderwick - Cleveland


August 2014 “..Good and very prompt service without the endless sales calls we have from some suppliers..”  Debbie Walker - Scotland


August 2014 “..Quick and efficient..”  Sue Humm - Scotland


August 2014 “..Would use Link Mailing Systems again in the future…Prompt service..”  Carole Shaw - Scotland


August 2014 “..The representative was friendly and helpful.  The goods arrived promptly…Efficient, friendly service..”  Stephanie Partridge - Cornwall


August 2014 “..Very helpful..”  Bryony Gibson - Dorset


August 2014 “..Happy with service from Link Mailing...[Account Manager] is always very helpful when I send an order and always deals with efficiently…Efficient service..”  Mary Wilson - Leicestershire


July 2014 “..Your Staff are always very pleasant and helpful when they phone and they don’t pester us every week like some suppliers do...You always offer competitive prices on your supplies.  Thank you for your services..”  Yvonne Collings - Nottinghamshire


July 2014 “..Lovely employee with polite manner.  Swift and easy ordering process and also quick delivery...Excellent sevice..”  Sian Holmes - Cheshire


July 2014 “..I found the call to check out supplies professional...Very helpful and look forward to continued service...Efficient, positive and convenient..”  Victoria Holt  - Leicestershire


July 2014 “..Link Mailing Systems is very convenient as they keep a running track and update on what we have ordered and know the estimations of when we may possibly require more..”  Rosie Griffin - Gloucestershire


July 2014 “..Very positive and friendly..”  Olivia Bainbridge - North Yorkshire


July 2014 “..Very efficient friendly and helpful staff..”  Jo Wilson - Somerset


July 2014 “..Very likeable girls on telephone...Orders come when they say it will...Very efficient..”  Sue Tongue - West Midlands


July 2014 “..I found that the lady who rang was really courteous and helpful...Brilliant..”  Maz Sultan - West Yorkshire


July 2014 “..The service we received from Link Mailing Systems was excellent...The service was friendly and efficient...I have nothing to complain about...A very attentive and prompt service..”  Valerie Moffatt - Northern Ireland


July 2014 “..With Link Mailing Systems I feel confident that we won't run out of franking ink..”  Lesley Alexander - London


June2014 “..I have found the services of Link Mailing Systems excellent...The sales person who deals with my account phones me regularly to check if I need anything and there is never a "hard sell" tactic involved...The one time I have ordered was quick to receive the goods...Keep up the good work!..”  Charlotte Ryan - Buckinghamshire


June 2014 “..[Account Manager] from Link Mailing is always polite and helpful.  It is a pleasure talking with her...Very good reliable service..”  Susie Stanton - London


June 2014 “..Competitive prices, friendly staff and good service..”  Christine Denny - London


June 2014 “..No problems, appreciate the phone calls to check our stock levels, works as a reminder in a busy office.  Well packaged fast delivery..Very reliable..”  Bryony Mckenzie-Wilde - Manchester


June 2014 “..Link Mailing staff are always polite and helpful..”  Alice Hind - London


May 2014 “..Link Mailing are always very helpful and professional when we order anything and offers fast delivery which is valuable to us...Good Service..”  Mary Wilson - Leicestershire


May 2014 “..Wow!  What service...Thanks very much..”  Julie Reynolds - West Midlands


May 2014 “..Great customer service.  No hassle.  Next day delivery..”  Natasha Chapman - Surrey


May 2014 “..Excellent customer services and I would recommend them..”  Amelia Lannaccone - Bedfordshire


April 2014 “..Correspondence with Link Mailing is always very polite, informative and efficient...Some companies try to push you into a sale or to buy but your staff have always been easy to approach and have never tried to make me feel bad for saying no at the time...I deal in particular with [Account Manager], who is a lovely lady and is always happy to help.  She always responds within an hour and if she's not sure on something, will go away and come back to me the same day.  Very Reliable..”  Joanne Cooper - Kent


April 2014 “..We have been using Link Mailing for our franking machine cartridges for about 18 months and have found them to be very friendly and helpful...Very good service..”  Philippa Watton - Oxfordshire


April 2014 “..Clear, precise, friendly and a pleasure to speak to...Friendly and a reliable service..”  Caroline - East Sussex


April 2014 “..Service is always efficient and friendly.  Our products arrive promptly and the price is good...Efficient, friendly, competitive pricing..”   Michaela Douglas -  Worcestershire


March 2014 “..Link Mailing Systems staff are found to be very happy, professional and helpful throughout our dealings with them and are always happy to explain any deals and changes we have encountered!  They are a credit to your company...Very professional in their approach..”  Jade Forbes - Somerset


March 2014 “..Good customer service..”  Lee Stone - Cornwall


March 2014 “..Excellent service..”  Val Lambert - Hertfordshire


March 2014 “..Good quick service...Very good..”  Madeliene Cooper - Hampshire


March 2014 “..Excellent Service and delivery received next day..”  Sally - Kent


March 2014 “..I found Link Mailing Systems to be very helpful and easy to work with..”  Samantha Brown - County Antrim


March 2014 “..My experience with Link Mailing Systems is very positive.  You were very fast at delivering the cartridges and we were very happy with the service..”  Ellisha Walsh - Essex


February 2014 “..Good value...Good service and friendly staff.  Sales staff keen to make me happy.  Pricing keener than your competitors.  Offered credit account.  Goods arrived overnight and work as they should.  Very happy!.”  Andrew Watson - London


February 2014 “..Excellent to deal with in every aspect..”  Karen Jones - Shropshire


February 2014 “..I cannot fault the service, price or sales team...Always very polite and efficient...A nice person to deal with...This is very important..”  Paul - Essex


February 2014 “..Our experience so far has been excellent..”  Gus Asiedu - Surrey


February 2014 “..I am very happy with the service you provide for the ink cartridges…Very good service..”  Megan Keen - Worcester


February 2014 “..I find everyone very helpful and very much on the ball.  I have no complaints whatsoever..”  Iris Cohen - London


February 2014 “..The staff ring regularly to check if we need any supplies which is quite helpful because it's easy to keep putting things off when you are busy and then realise you don't have a replacement ribbon...Very helpful and polite..”  Christine Dyer - Lancashire


February 2014 “..Great service..”  Susan Emerson - Cleveland


February 2014 “..Excellent to deal with..”  Rachel Derrick - Wales


December 2013 “..Great customer care regarding any issues or wanting to place an order.  They offer an easy process that makes life that little easier.  Delivery is quick and reasonably packaged.  Also it's always a good product you receive.  I have yet not had a problem with the services/products we have ordered.   Keep up the good work!!  Thank you..”  Jessica Barker - Nottinghamshire


December 2013 “..As always had great customer service from your representative who is always friendly and helpful.  Excellent customer service..”  Dan Parker - Gwent


December 2013 “..Not sure who I deal with on the phone but she's always polite and helpful.  Good customer service..”  Karen Gore - Cheshire


December 2013 “..I have yet to use the product but hope it will be as good as the service given.  Helpful fast and efficient..”  Dawn Hughes - Cambridgeshire


December 2013 “..Polite telephone manner, prompt delivery..”  Hugh O'Brien - Scotland


December 2013 “..I get an efficient service from Link Mailing Systems..”  Mick Cort - West Midlands


December 2013 “..Very attentive always receiving calls to make sure we have enough supplies and that we have received them ok..”  Charlotte Bowyer - London


December 2013 “..I have the best customer service experience every time I speak with [Account Manager].  He is very informative and always advises me of any offers currently available..” Jude James - Staffordshire


December 2013 “..Friendly and helpful staff..” Jill Masters - Suffolk


October 2013 “..Link Mailing Systems are helpful and knowledgeable about their products.  It's good to deal with a professional company.  Friendly service and helpful..”  Mandy Gordon - London


October 2013 “..I have always found staff helpful and professional when I have contacted you to order ink cartridges or labels for our franking machine..”  Sarah Lockhart - County Down


October 2013 “..[Account Manager] contacts me on a regular basis and is always happy and bubbly...Very helpful..”  Margaret Gore - Berkshire


October 2013 “..Efficient friendly professional..”  Joanne Green - Northamptonshire


October 2013 “..We have no complaints.  Service was polite and delivered on time..”  Elaine Armstrong - West Sussex


October 2013 “..Very helpful and items always arrive promptly.  Very Good..”  Sharon Holloway - Buckinghamshire


October 2013 “..A prompt and efficient service.  Very impressed...”  Paul Bennett - Staffordshire


October 2013 “..Excellent Service..”  Johanna Calcutt - Oxfordshire


October 2013 “..We always receive a friendly service which is brilliant..”  Ellen Bristow - Wiltshire


September 2013 “..I have always found the staff very polite...They phone up fairly regularly just to check if we need anything but are not pushy like so many sales personnel.  I find their prices competitive which means I don't have to continually look for other companies to compare prices.  Keep the prices good and I will always buy from Link Mailing Systems..”  Sue Ballard - Surrey


September 2013 “..The service I get from the staff is first class...They are checking up on requirements on a regular basis which I find very helpful at times..”  Alan Tuckwood - West Yorkshire


September 2013 “..Great ordering service even better delivery service..”  Carolyn Hughes - Swansea


September 2013 “..Very efficient and helpful staff..”  Georgina Clark - London


August 2013 “..Very pleased with the deal we got for the ink cartridge...Very pleasant staff...Extremely efficient and a good value service..”  Vicky Whittles - East Yorkshire


August 2013 “..So far I have had a very good experience with Link mailing systems.  My Account Manager was lovely, polite and made the whole process of purchasing additional labels easy and efficient.  He has also maintained contact to see how our ink cartridges are doing..”  Jude James - Staffordshire


August 2013 “..Extremely good customer service...Fast delivery.  Very efficient..”  Beth Hesslewood - London


August 2013 “..Easy on-line ordering...Goods arrived next day...Would recommend.  Excellent quick service..”  Carol Ann McKellar - Lanarkshire


August 2013 “..Link Mailing Systems are a very good company...Very helpful...Dealt with in a friendly professional manner. Thank you..”  Angie Ella - Shropshire


August 2013 “..Very efficient..”  Aggie Zyla - London


August 2013 “..Efficient..”  Leah Holden - West Yorkshire


August 2013 “..Very Good service..”  Marie Coleman - South Yorkshire


July 2013 “..Very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the staff.  The young lady I spoke to was very pleasant, well informed and clearly knew her product.  Very refreshing.  Fast, efficient service..”  Katrina Flynn - Essex


July 2013 “..Link Mailing regularly keep in touch with a view to our mailing needs and always supply items requested promptly.  Customer liaison very good and always efficient..”  Wendy Perrins - Worcestershire


July 2013 “..To be perfectly honest with you, I would never normally reply to a service email but I must say [Link Mailing  Systems] has taken very good care of us..”  Nazir Yousuf - London


July 2013 “..Efficient company to deal with..”  Cindy Lilley - West Midlands


July 2013 “..Your employee was extremely helpful as I'd made a mistake with a previous order and she was able to get me the right cartridge to replace the one I had incorrectly ordered straight away.  She was very friendly and helpful on the phone which was much appreciated..”  Dan Parker - Mid Glamorgan


July 2013 “..Very personable and friendly service culminating in a first class service...Efficient..” J ane Morley - Suffolk


July 2013 “..Very efficient..”  Sam Thomas - Middlesex


July 2013 “..Most helpful.  Excellent service..”  Avril Ackroyd - South Yorkshire


June 2013 "..Ordering was an easy and simple process...Kind enough to hold the line whilst I discussed offers with my managers.  I would use this service again.  I would also recommend them to friends and other business colleagues alike overall great customer service and a great company...Great service excellent correspondence.."  Alex Wiltshire - Kent


June 2013 "..Helpful, friendly staff and prompt delivery.."  Sue Hodgson - Lincolnshire


June 2013 "..Quick and easy ordering.."  Joanna Hardy - Dorset


June 2013 "..Overall in a nutshell I think it is a good company...Provides a good service.."  Joseph Chiang - London


June 2013 "..An excellent service from your team all the time.."  Alan Tuckwood - Derbyshire


May 2013 "..I very much appreciate the service we received from Link Mailing Systems over the years supplying us with franking ink cartridges and franking labels.  I am always grateful for the reminder whenever I am running low.  I hope you will continue with your much valued service.."  Millie Morris - London


May 2013 "..Always happy to help with enquiries makes ordering easy.."  Teresa Clipston - Cambridgeshire


May 2013 "..I am pleased with the efficient way they deal with orders and enquiries...Members of staff are always professional and pleasant to deal with over the phone.  I always receive my orders promptly and we are always given good offers [and] deals on our purchases which is important to us.."  Mandy Middleton - Yorkshire


May 2013 "..Quick efficient helpful staff.."  Rita Whelan - Worcestershire


May 2013 "..Always helpful and polite...Items are on time.."  Glenn Bellis - Shropshire


May 2013 "..Very fast service.  Good telecommunication staff not too pushy just right.."  Isobel Smith - Leicestershire


May 2013 "..Great to have a service that calls to enquire about our need for more labels...Always polite and pleasant on the telephone and quick delivery service...Reliable efficient and pleasant to communicate with.."  Susan Stanton - London


May 2013 "..I always get next day delivery which is good as I end up ordering at the last minute.  Staff on phone are always friendly and courteous.  Thank you...Good pricing and quick delivery.."  Angela Wilson - Glasgow


May 2013 "..Link mailing systems do not badger me too much with phone calls...They understand my needs and always give me exactly what I ask for.  Would recommend to anyone.."  Chloe Marie Stevens - Dorset


May 2013 "..Great Service very friendly.."  Hanna Kelbsa - Cornwall


April 2013 "..Always very polite and helpful.."  Lou Knight - Scotland


April 2013 "..Offers excellent service.."  Jennifer Wypler - Gwynedd


April 2013 "..A very helpful efficient and quick service.."  Pavan Gill - Middlesex


April 2013 "..Great service quick easy and efficient.  Will recommend to others.."  Kayleigh Dicker - Kent


April 2013 "..Very pleasant to deal with.."  Carol Currie - Buckinghamshire


April 2013 "..I'm happy with the service provided by Link Mailing.  The franking ink cartridges supplied by Link perform well providing good quality print.."  Lesley Alexander - London


April 2013 "..They did everything as promised.."  John Truman - Nottingham


April 2013 "..My contact at Link Mailing...was on the ball and very good.."  Sarah Myford - London


April 2013 "..Very polite on the telephone and very efficient on speed of delivery.."  Ellen Bristow - Wiltshire


April 2013 "..My experience with Link Mailing Systems went smoothly...The people in the offices were helpful.  I would use again.."  Alison Lamb - East Sussex


April 2013 "..The person I spoke to had the correct knowledge to advise me on the products I needed.  They did not push me to order items I did not require.  A good ordering service was given along with quick delivery."  Carol Wade - London


March 2013 “..I would like to thank you for all your help.  It”s always a nice surprise to get someone helpful on the other side of the phone..”  Yvonne Tregidgo - Cambridgeshire


March 2013 “..My contact at Link a pleasure to do business with.  Would certainly recommend...Friendly very helpful and reliable couldn't ask for more.  Would certainly be pleased to do business with them again..”  Kerry Matthews - Wiltshire


March 2013 "..The service I get from Link Mailing is excellent and very good value for money even if the rep from Neopost tells me not to buy toners from other companies.!!  Keep up the good work.."  Joe Martinez - Middlesex


March 2013 "..Great customer service good prices and fast delivery.  I would definitely recommend Link Mailing Systems.."  Justine Harris - Devon


March 2013 "..Thank you for your help with sorting this delivery out!  Service and delivery from yourselves is fine as always customer service always very helpful and receiving a call every now and again to see if we need to order is always very helpful.."  Jackie Jamison - Manchester


August 2012 "..Thanks very much for all your help.  I must say that I”m very impressed with the speedy service.."  Luke Stanbury - Hertfordshire


August 2012 "..Just wanted to thank you...Ink arrived this morning.  Record time.  Very impressed.."  Lewis Saunders - Bristol


July 2012 "..And a big thank you for the next day free delivery which Neopost will not do which is why we will go with you for all future orders.."  Amanda Hitchins - Oxfordshire


Link Mailing Systems Royal Mail approved franking machine ink cartridges and labels are guaranteed to perform to your complete satisfaction and are fully compatible with all Pitney Bowes Neopost FP Mailing and Frama franking machines.


July 2015 “..Very efficient and always reliable plus competitive pricing means I am happy to use your company over others…Very pleased and will continue with our custom with Link Mailing..”  Georgina Clark - London

March 2016  “..Since I started using Link Mailing Systems, I have been very pleased with the efficiency and helpfulness...The prices of your ink cartridges are considerably cheaper too!..”  Carol Stevenson - Essex