Frama FX series
ink cartridges

Elevate your mailing efficiency with our compatible Frama FX series 5/7/7.5/9 ink cartridges!

Frama FX series 5/7/75/9 Franking Ink Cartridge

Perfect for the FX5, FX7, FX7.5 and FX9,  these cartridges are cost-effective yet deliver high-quality, reliable results.

With Royal Mail approved ink, they ensure smooth processing of your mail. Ideal for both small and large-scale mailings, these cartridges offer easy installation and long-lasting performance.

Trusted for nearly 30 years, our cartridges have been tested over millions of impressions, guaranteeing satisfaction in every frank.

Upgrade your mailing game today!

Discover the Ideal Frama FX Series Cartridge for Your Mailing Needs

The Frama FX series offers two specialized ink cartridges, designed to meet diverse mailing requirements with precision and efficiency. Understanding the unique features of each cartridge will help you choose the most suitable option for your business.


  1. FX series 5 Cartridge (Replaces Model 1022623): This is the perfect choice for small businesses or home offices with moderate mailing needs. The Frama FN5 Cartridge provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for users who require quality printing but have lower volume requirements. It’s designed to deliver consistent performance, ensuring each mail piece is professionally stamped without frequent cartridge changes.

  2. FX series 7/7.5/9 (Replaces Model 1022624): For businesses with higher volume mailing needs, the FX series 7/7.5/9 Cartridge offers an extended capacity, reducing the frequency of replacements and ensuring uninterrupted operations. This cartridge is ideal for medium-sized businesses or those with regular mailing activities, providing a larger ink reserve for a greater number of imprints per cartridge, enhancing efficiency and productivity in busier mailroom environments.

Both cartridges utilize Royal Mail approved ink, ensuring crisp, clear, and durable imprints for all your postal items. They are specially formulated for the Frama FX series, guaranteeing optimal compatibility and superior printing quality.


Choose the right cartridge  – FX5 or FX7/7.5/9 – based on your mailing volume, and experience seamless, high-quality mailing with the Frama FX series.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our compatible Frama FX series ink cartridges are perfectly designed for use in several franking machines, including the Frama FX series series. They offer seamless compatibility and easy installation, ensuring your mailing operations run smoothly.  cartridge.

We take pride in the reliability of our compatible Frama FX series ink cartridges. They have been rigorously tested over millions of impressions to ensure consistent quality and performance. Importantly, our cartridges use Royal Mail approved ink, which guarantees compliance with the highest mailing standards. This ensures that your mail is processed smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive warranty on these cartridges, giving you peace of mind with every purchase. Choose our cartridges for a trusted, high-quality solution for your mailing needs.

No, it’s not mandatory to use the manufacturer’s cartridges. On 17th June 2005, the Royal Mail and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) made a significant ruling. They declared it illegal for franking machine suppliers to force customers into buying cartridges directly from them under the threat of invalidating warranties. Additionally, manufacturers are not allowed to include their ink in their maintenance contracts. This must be a separate agreement, providing customers with the option to opt in or out as they choose. This means you have the freedom to choose compatible cartridges, like our FX series compatible ink, without worrying about affecting your franking machine’s warranty. Our cartridges offer a high-quality, cost-effective alternative while ensuring full compliance with your machine’s warranty and Royal Mail regulations.

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