Customer Reviews

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“..Excellent service, item arrived quickly after placing order and good prices..”

Caroline Canning


“..Always very helpful on the phone and get orders sorted really quickly and efficiently.."

Mrs Gillian Fox


“..The first time that our office had placed an order and there were no problems with the ordering process it was very quick and very efficient..”

Kathy Dean


“..We are very happy with the service we receive especially those who we deal with on a regular basis. When they check in with us there is no pressure to buy. When mistakes have been made by either party responsibility is taken and quickly resolved. Keep up the great work!..”

Yvonne Martin


“..Very quick and efficient, I didn't know the actual product I needed, as I have been put in charge of stationery, but after speaking to the advisor on the phone, she managed to make sense of what I was saying and was really helpful, so absolutely great service.."

Zuber Chaudhry


“.Very efficient, delivery was good and customer services was very helpful when there was a problem with the ink supplied, returned and replaced. Thank you for your excellent services..

Beverley Haw


“..Always helpful..”

Sarah Forrest 


“Friendly and very helpful and very quick service..

 Lorraine Stuart